“Florida Victims and Dog Found Dead in Texas Cistern Tragedy”

By | August 12, 2023



The bodies of three Florida victims and their dog were found in an underground tank filled with sewer gas in Bastrop, Texas. The victims were identified as members of a hog hunting party from Florida. The bodies were pulled from the tank after unsuccessful rescue attempts. Autopsies have been ordered and an investigation is ongoing. Nikki Dobrin reported

The corpses of three individuals and their canine companion from Florida were retrieved from an underground reservoir filled with toxic sewer gas located in a cornfield in Bastrop, Texas. The victims have been identified as Denise Martinez, Delvys Garcia, and Noel Vigil-Benitez, who were all part of a hog hunting expedition. Sadly, their valiant rescue efforts to save their dog from the perilous situation proved unsuccessful, as the loyal animal did not survive. Following the tragic incident, an autopsy has been scheduled, and the bodies, along with the deceased dog, have been taken to the local medical examiner’s office by a funeral home.

The harrowing events unfolded in the early hours of Wednesday when one of the victims, presumably attempting to save their bloodhound, plunged into the hole. In a selfless act of heroism, the other two victims followed suit in an effort to rescue their companion and the stranded canine. Meanwhile, a fourth individual from the hunting party, whose identity remains unknown, promptly called emergency services from the hunting truck. Unfortunately, the underground cistern, typically used for rainwater collection and well storage, presented a treacherous environment that ultimately claimed the lives of the three brave individuals.

Sheriff Maurice Cook of Bastrop County disclosed that the opening of the hole measured approximately four feet wide and contained eight feet of water, compounded by the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas. These factors, coupled with the stagnant water and the instability of the cistern, impeded the initial recovery efforts of the first responders. Consequently, a decision was made to ventilate the cistern by eliminating the hydrogen sulfide gas and subsequently draining the water.

Efforts were made to excavate beside the structure to enable entry from the side, near the location where the bodies were found. However, these endeavors were abandoned due to concerns over compromising the structural integrity of the walls, which would have rendered the operation unsafe. Eventually, with the support of local fire and utility crews, the authorities managed to eradicate the fumes and water from the cistern, stabilizing the air within. Subsequently, a drone was deployed to assess the condition of the underground walls, paving the way for a successful recovery mission. A member of the sheriff’s office was safely lowered into the hole, retrieving the bodies of the three victims and their loyal bloodhound.

The Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting an ongoing investigation to ascertain the sequence of events leading up to the tragic incident. The aim is to corroborate the initial details reported and shed light on the circumstances surrounding the victims’ presence in the cistern.


Source: People.