“Florida Hog Hunting Party Tragedy: Three Victims, Dog Found Dead in Texas Cistern”

By | August 12, 2023



The bodies of three Florida victims and their dog were found in an underground tank filled with sewer gas in Bastrop, Texas. The victims have been identified as members of a hog hunting party from Florida. The bodies were pulled from the tank, which was located in a cornfield. An autopsy has been ordered, and the incident is still under investigation. Nikki Dobrin reported

The bodies of three individuals and their pet dog were discovered in an underground tank filled with hazardous sewer gas, situated in a cornfield in Bastrop, Texas. The victims have been identified as Denise Martinez, Delvys Garcia, and Noel Vigil-Benitez, who were part of a hog hunting party from Florida. Sadly, all three individuals and their dog lost their lives in the incident. The bodies were recovered from the cistern, which emitted strong fumes resembling those of a septic tank. An autopsy has been scheduled, and the bodies, along with the dog, have been taken to the medical examiner’s office. One member of the hunting party, who remains unidentified, called 911 while the others attempted to rescue the trapped dog. The cistern, which had a 4-foot-wide opening and contained 8 feet of water, was filled with hydrogen sulfide gas, making it impossible for the victims to escape. Recovery efforts were hindered by the fumes, stagnant water, and unstable conditions within the cistern. To ensure safety, the hydrogen sulfide gas was removed and the water was drained. A drone was used to assess the integrity of the cistern walls before a member of the sheriff’s office successfully retrieved the bodies and the bloodhound. Investigations into the circumstances leading up to the incident are ongoing..