“Fatal Crash Claims Lives of Molander Family, Tractor-Trailer Driver

By | August 12, 2023



A tragic accident on August 9, 2023, claimed the lives of the Molander family, their dog, and a tractor-trailer driver. The family’s RV, towing a trailer, collided with the tractor-trailer after the front tire of the RV blew out. The incident occurred on I-81, causing a 10-hour shutdown. Dane Molander, one of the victims, was a promising figure in motorsports. The family was headed to Tennessee for a race when the accident occurred. The racing community is mourning the loss of the Molander family. This was the second fatal crash on I-81 that week. accident-tim-cotter-pays-tribute-as-racing-community-mourns-family-killed-in-pennsylvania-i-81-crash” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>NEWSTARS Education reported

On Wednesday, August 9, 2023, a tragic accident occurred resulting in the loss of the entire Molander family, their beloved dog, and James Shade, the driver of a tractor-trailer. According to FOX, the Molander family was traveling in their RV, towing a trailer, while the tractor-trailer was hauling double trailers.

The devastating incident occurred while the family was en route to Tennessee for a racing event. The primary cause of the fatal crash was the sudden blowout of the front tire on the Molanders’ RV.

Around 8:50 pm local time, the blowout caused the RV to veer off its intended path and collide with a tractor-trailer in a grassy area. This collision tragically claimed the lives of driver James Shade and the entire Molander family, including Donald, Kimberly, Miranda, and Dane. Even their beloved dog perished in the accident.

The crash took place on I-81, resulting in a closure of the highway for approximately 10 hours to facilitate investigation and cleanup.

Following the incident, Tim Cotter, the director of events for a professional motocross race series, spoke about Dane Molander, praising him as a promising talent in the world of motorsports.


The Molander family reportedly resided in Lower Swatara Township and were headed to the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, for the finals of the 10-race ATV MX National Championship Series. Cotter revealed that Dane’s older sister, Miranda, was a member of the MX Sports’ events staff.

Elaborating on Dane’s skills, Cotter explained the challenging transition from amateur to professional racing and acknowledged that while Dane’s results may not have been extraordinary yet, it was part of his growth process. Cotter likened winning the Pro-Am Class to being the Heisman Trophy winner of ATV motocross, emphasizing the high hopes the racing community had for Dane’s future success.

Cotter also emphasized the close-knit nature of the racing community, where members often engage in various activities together, such as attending church, cooking out, and camping during weekends. He acknowledged the profound impact the Molander family’s tragic loss would have on the entire racing community, anticipating a difficult week ahead.

The fatal crash on Wednesday marked the second tragedy on I-81 within a week. A fatal bus crash occurred in the same location on Sunday, resulting in multiple fatalities and severe injuries.

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