Convicted Sex Offender, Jared Walter, Indicted on Over 30 New Charges for Filming Women in Restrooms

By | August 12, 2023



Convicted sex offender Jared Walter, also known as the “TriMet Barber,” has been indicted on over 30 new charges related to filming women in public restrooms. The charges include invasion of personal privacy and theft. Walter, who has a history of similar offenses, was arrested in May and remains in custody. He will appear in court next week. Austin De Dios | The Oregonian/OregonLive reported

Jared Walter, commonly known as the “TriMet Barber,” has been indicted by a grand jury on over 30 new charges relating to his criminal activities on the transit system. The 36-year-old convicted sex offender is accused of secretly filming multiple women while they were using public restrooms in April. The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office announced on Friday that Walter is facing 32 counts of first-degree invasion of personal privacy, as well as one count of first-degree theft and one count of second-degree theft.

Walter’s troubled history with TriMet dates back to 2017 when he was banned for life from the transportation service following numerous arrests for inappropriate behavior towards female passengers, including cutting their hair, touching them, and engaging in public acts of masturbation. He was subsequently arrested on May 2 and is currently being held in Multnomah County jail.

The recent arrest of Walter occurred after a TriMet employee reviewing surveillance footage observed him entering the Southwest 18th Avenue MAX platform on April 26. Prior to this, on April 20, security officers at Portland Community College responded to a report of a missing backpack from a student. The student explained that she had left her bag on the coat hooks in the restroom when someone entered and took it. The college’s security footage revealed Walter as the culprit. Subsequently, between April 26 and April 30, multiple reports were made to the police regarding a person entering women’s bathrooms in various businesses in Portland and recording women. Through the use of surveillance footage and witness statements, investigators were able to identify this individual as Walter.

Walter’s criminal record extends back to 2010 when he gained notoriety for cutting off chunks of hair from TriMet passengers. In January 2011, he was sentenced to 26 months in prison. He faced further legal trouble in 2013 for masturbating into the hair of female bus passengers, resulting in a two-year prison sentence. Most recently, in July 2021, Walter pleaded guilty to attempting to covertly photograph or record a woman in a bathroom at the Lloyd Center mall in Northeast Portland, leading to a 22-month prison sentence.

Walter is scheduled to appear in court next Monday, according to court records..