“Bodybuilder Livestreams Ex-Wife’s Murder on Instagram, Kills Two Others”

By | August 12, 2023



A bodybuilder named Nermin Sulejmanović livestreamed the murder of his ex-wife on Instagram before killing two other people in the Bosnian town of Gradacac. He died by suicide before being apprehended by the police. Sulejmanović had accused his ex-wife of hiding their child from him and reported him for domestic violence. The incident was witnessed by approximately 12,000 people on Instagram. Sulejmanović had a criminal history and an investigation has been launched into the incident. Commentators who supported Sulejmanović during the livestream may face charges. The United Nations has called for action to stop violence against women in Bosnia. Andrew Backhouse reported

A distressing incident occurred in the Bosnian town of Gradacac, where a bodybuilder named Nermin Sulejmanović livestreamed the murder of his ex-wife on Instagram before proceeding to kill two additional individuals. Reports from local media indicate that three others were injured by Sulejmanović, who ultimately died by suicide before being apprehended by the police in the city of Tuzla. Prior to the horrific act, Sulejmanović had informed his followers that they would witness a live execution on Instagram. In a chilling video, he addressed his viewers, expressing his anger towards his ex-wife for reporting him to the police. The graphic footage displayed the woman, severely beaten and covered in blood, sitting on a chair while a child cried in the background. Shockingly, approximately 12,000 people watched the unfolding events as they transpired. The video, deemed too explicit for public sharing, was eventually reposted on Twitter. Sulejmanović claimed to be the child’s father and accused his ex-wife of concealing their toddler from him for over a week, in addition to reporting him for domestic violence. In the video, he grabbed a pistol from a nearby table and fatally shot her in the forehead. The camera then shifted to a child lying on the floor, and Sulejmanović callously urged someone to save the child before moving on. During his pursuit by the police, the bodybuilder and fitness instructor recorded two more live videos, confessing to the murder of two other individuals, later identified as a man and his young son. In the midst of the chase, Sulejmanović injured a police officer, a man, and a woman in Gradacac. A state of emergency was declared, and citizens were warned to avoid public areas as Sulejmanović ominously threatened to continue his violence. The prime minister of the Bosnian Federation, Nermin Nikšić, expressed his shock and grief over the tragic events, acknowledging that while the murderer had taken his own life, the lives of the victims could never be restored. It has been revealed that Sulejmanović, aged 35, was previously involved in gang activities and had a criminal record related to violence and drug trafficking. An investigation into the incident has been initiated, and local prosecutors have cautioned that individuals who left supportive comments during Sulejmanović’s deadly rampage could face charges. In response to this horrifying incident, Ingrid Macdonald, the United Nations’ resident co-ordinator in Bosnia, has called for immediate collective action to combat violence against women in the country. Macdonald emphasized the need for resolute commitment from authorities in eradicating this heinous crime, urging the international community, governments, civil society, and individuals to unite in prioritizing the elimination of femicide..