“47-year-old Crystal Dawn Rainey Found Shot to Death in Donalds, SC”

By | August 12, 2023



A woman was discovered shot to death in her car in Donalds, South Carolina. The victim, identified as Crystal Dawn Rainey, 47, was found with multiple gunshot wounds. The investigation is ongoing, and more information will be provided later. Anisa Snipes reported

In Donalds, S.C., a tragic incident occurred as a woman was discovered deceased inside her vehicle in the early hours of Saturday morning, according to the report from the Greenwood County Coroner’s Office. Following a distress call, authorities swiftly arrived at Kerr Road, where they encountered the lifeless body of the victim, who had suffered from multiple gunshot wounds. The deceased has been identified as Crystal Dawn Rainey, aged 47. Regrettably, no further details are available at the moment, but updates will be provided in due course. Additionally, it is important to note that another news event is currently unfolding in Anderson County, involving emergency response teams addressing a chemical explosion..