“Tragic Accident: Three Hunters and Dog Found Dead in Texas Cornfield Cistern”

By | August 11, 2023



Three people and a dog were found dead in a cistern in a Texas cornfield. The victims were hunting when their dog fell into the cistern, prompting one person to enter and two others to follow in an attempt to save them. Recovery efforts were hindered by fumes and unstable conditions. The bodies were eventually recovered and taken for autopsy. Play Crazy Game reported

Authorities in Texas have reported the tragic discovery of three individuals and a dog found deceased in a cistern located in a cornfield. The Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office identified the victims as Delvy Garcia, aged 37, Denise Martinez, aged 26, and Noel Vigil-Benitez, aged 45. The group had been hunting with a fourth individual when their dog accidentally fell into the cistern. In a brave attempt to rescue the animal, one person entered the tank, and two others followed suit to aid the initial rescuer. Meanwhile, the fourth hunter sought help by contacting emergency services.

Upon arriving at the scene at approximately 1 a.m., deputies observed that the underground cistern contained a partial amount of water. Although the water level was below the cistern’s small opening, authorities detected strong fumes resembling those of a septic tank. Sadly, there were no signs of life from the dog or the three individuals when first responders arrived.

Recovery efforts were hindered by the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas and standing water within the cistern. The Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office highlighted the potential health risks associated with hydrogen sulfide gas, which include eye and respiratory irritation, apnea, coma, seizures, dizziness, headache, weakness, irritability, insomnia, and stomach upset, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In order to safely proceed, first responders ventilated the tank and removed the water.

The unstable nature of the tank further complicated the recovery operation, with authorities initially attempting to dig adjacent to the structure. However, due to concerns about compromising the tank’s stability and endangering individuals at the entrance, this approach was abandoned. To assess the tank’s integrity, a small drone was deployed.

Finally, on Wednesday night, an investigator from the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office was carefully lowered into the cistern to locate the bodies of the victims. The deceased individuals, who hailed from Florida, were transported to a local funeral home’s medical examiner’s office, where an autopsy was scheduled to be conducted. The funeral home also took custody of the dog’s remains.


In summary, this devastating incident involving the loss of three lives and a beloved pet occurred when a hunting trip took a tragic turn. The recovery operation was significantly hindered by the presence of harmful gases and unstable conditions within the cistern. Authorities undertook meticulous efforts to ensure the safety of personnel involved in the operation while also conducting necessary investigations into the cause of this heartbreaking event..