“Pop Phenom Olivia Rodrigo Continues Winning Streak with ‘Bad Idea Right?'”

By | August 11, 2023



Pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo continues her winning streak with her latest single “Bad Idea Right?,” a vibrant and eclectic pop song that showcases her conversational style. Noname, the Chicago-based rapper, tackles contentious subjects with smooth grooves and clever wordplay on her new album “Sundial.” Fred again.. collaborates with Obongjayar on the affectionate and mesmerizing track “Adore U.” Miguel teams up with Lil Yachty for the enigmatic and triumphant “Number 9.” Kelsea Ballerini explores the awkwardness of starting over in her arena-country song “How Do I Do This.” Jill Medford, known as Ian Sweet, captures the thrill of infatuation in her infectious single “Your Spit.” Faith Healer embraces their animal instincts in the dreamy “I’m a Dog.” Ora Cogan reimagines the haunting folk song “Katie Cruel” with her own unique touch. Rachel Brown, under the moniker thanks for coming, delivers the introspective and mesmerizing “Loop.” Jon Pareles,Lindsay Zoladz reported

The 20-year-old pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo continues to impress with her latest track “Bad Idea Right?” from her upcoming album “Guts,” set to be released on September 8th. Departing from the rock-operatic sound of her first single “Vampire,” “Bad Idea Right?” is a vibrant and eclectic pop song that draws inspiration from various sources such as ’60s girl groups, Toni Basil’s “Mickey,” and early 2000s pop-punk. Rodrigo’s uniquely conversational voice shines through as she sings about seeing an ex and questioning whether it’s a bad idea. The track exudes playfulness, yet also offers an intimate glimpse into Rodrigo’s inner thoughts and emotions. It’s a reminder that everyone is entitled to make their own mistakes, and through her music, Rodrigo creates a sense of connection with her listeners.

Chicago-based rapper Noname, also known as Fatimah Nyeema Warner, delivers a thought-provoking and skillfully crafted album with “Sundial,” her first release since 2018. Noname blends smooth grooves and rapid-fire wordplay to address controversial topics. In the song “Namesake,” she questions the world’s complicity and criticizes Super Bowl halftime shows for being military propaganda. However, she also acknowledges her own contradictions, confessing to performing at Coachella despite her previous stance against it. Noname’s music serves as a reminder that careers and personal beliefs are complex and multifaceted.

Fred again.. collaborates with Nigerian-British singer Obongjayar on the uplifting track “Adore U.” The dance-music producer creates a dynamic backdrop with shimmering electronic elements, while Obongjayar’s falsetto vocals express sheer admiration and awe. The song is a celebration of love and serves as a testament to the power of affection.

Miguel’s “Number 9” is an enigmatic and monumental piece of music. Over a stark electronic march, Miguel’s layered vocals create a choir-like effect as he explores themes of mortality and the transient nature of life. Rapper Lil Yachty joins in halfway through, proclaiming himself as the grim reaper. Both artists fearlessly embrace the subject of death, showcasing their resilience and fearlessness.

Country singer Kelsea Ballerini reflects on the challenges of starting over and the fear of looking foolish in her song “How Do I Do This.” The arena-country track combines programmed drums and reverberating chords to capture the essence of uncertainty and vulnerability. Ballerini highlights the beauty of the in-between moments, capturing the anticipation of new beginnings.


Ian Sweet, the musical project of Jill Medford, captures the excitement of infatuation in her latest single “Your Spit.” Medford’s dreamy vocals glide over the driving electronic beat, creating a sense of euphoria. The infectious hook and playful lyrics encapsulate the giddy feeling of being enamored with someone.

Faith Healer, a Canadian dream-pop duo, showcases their whimsical side in “I’m a Dog.” Lead vocalist Jessica Jalbert confesses her raw animal instincts in a serene and almost paradoxical voice. The song’s parade-like tempo provides a juxtaposition to the lyrics, as Jalbert playfully expresses her mischievous nature.

Canadian songwriter Ora Cogan breathes new life into the eerie Celtic traditional song “Katie Cruel.” With her band, Cogan intertwines the haunting melody with intricate guitar work and distant vocals, creating an atmospheric rendition. The lyrics tell the tale of a woman scorned, highlighting the loneliness that comes with lost beauty.

Rachel Brown, half of the duo Water From Your Eyes, unveils her solo project thanks for coming with the track “Loop.” The song delves into the complexities of an obsessive and unbalanced romance. Brown’s layered vocals and the weaving instrumentation create a captivating and intricate sonic landscape. “Loop” serves as a reminder that recognizing patterns doesn’t always lead to breaking free from them.

In conclusion, these diverse and talented artists offer an array of musical styles and thought-provoking lyrics. Their songs explore themes of love, self-reflection, societal issues, and personal growth. From Olivia Rodrigo’s infectious pop sound to Noname’s insightful rap verses, each artist brings their unique perspective to the table..