“Mexican Mob Fallout: Inmate Stabbed to Death in LA County Jail”

An inmate named Joseph Hutchinson was found stabbed to death in his cell at the Central Men’s Jail last week. This incident is believed to be connected to the fallout from the murder of Michael Torres, a member of the Mexican mob who controlled the prisons in Los Angeles County. Hutchinson, known as ‘Capone’, was involved in drug trafficking and following orders for Torres. The circumstances surrounding Hutchinson’s death are unclear, but it comes just a month after Torres himself was killed in prison. goodwordnews reported

Last week, an inmate named Joseph Hutchinson was fatally stabbed at the Central Men’s Jail, which authorities believe may be connected to the murder of Michael Torres, a member of the Mexican mob who controlled illegal activities in Los Angeles County prisons. Hutchinson was found with stab wounds in his cell during a security check by LA County Sheriff’s deputies. The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear, but it occurred just a month after Torres was killed in California State Prison. Hutchinson was a longtime member of the San Fer gang, known as “Capone,” and worked for Torres by selling drugs and ensuring his orders were followed in and out of prison.

Hutchinson was part of a team led by Torres’ secretary, Virginia “Big Virge” Moor, and was involved in a murder plot that resulted in the death of an innocent man mistaken for a debtor. Moor managed Torres’ finances and collected money from other gangs under his control. Hutchinson’s role was to track down drug dealers and ensure they paid Torres. One such dealer, Brian Stansfield, had a negative experience working with Hutchinson and Moor, as he struggled to make a profit due to high taxes imposed on him by Moor. Stansfield eventually stopped working for them and moved to Palmdale to deal drugs for another team. However, Hutchinson tracked him down and demanded payment, leading to a confrontation between them.

This incident is just one example of the violence and control exerted by Torres and his associates within the prison system. Moor’s brother-in-law, Matthew Moor, would later enlist the help of gang member Humberto Gastelum to identify a man named Peter Ziehler, mistakenly believing he was Stansfield. Ziehler was shot and killed that night, resulting in the convictions of Virginia Moor, Matthew Moor, and Arthur Ramirez for murder.

Although Hutchinson had not been charged in the Ziehler case, he was already facing charges for assisting another inmate, Eulalio “Lalo” Martinez, in drug trafficking and other criminal activities within county jails. Martinez had taken control of the prison system after Torres was sent to state prison. Hutchinson used his inmate trust account to facilitate drug sales and other illegal transactions. However, Martinez died of a heroin overdose before his trial, and Torres regained control of the county jails before his own death.

Hutchinson had been convicted in 2016 for his involvement with Martinez but had his sentence overturned in 2022. He was awaiting a new trial when he was killed. The identity of Hutchinson’s cellmate at the time of his death has not been disclosed, and no charges have been filed in connection with his murder.

These events are part of the ongoing violence and power struggles within the Mexican mob and the prison system in Los Angeles County. The murder of Michael Torres and the subsequent fallout have resulted in a series of violent incidents and deaths, leaving behind a trail of fear and uncertainty..