“Florida Hog Hunters and Dog Die in Tragic Underground Tank Accident”

By | August 11, 2023



Three hog hunters from Florida died in an underground tank in Texas after trying to rescue their dog. The bodies of two men, a woman, and the dog were recovered from the tank, which contained water and hydrogen sulfide gas. The hunters likely succumbed to the gas and sank to the bottom of the tank. Authorities believe the hunters removed their clothing before jumping into the hole. Efforts to recover the bodies were hindered by gas and structural concerns. FOX 4 News Fort Myers WFTX reported

In Austin, Texas, a tragic incident occurred where three hog hunters from Florida lost their lives in a cistern filled with sewer gas. The unfortunate chain of events started when one of the hunters attempted to rescue their dog after it fell into the hole. In a brave but ill-fated attempt, the other two hunters jumped in to save their companion and the dog.

The bodies of two men, a woman, and the dog were recovered from the cistern located in a cornfield on the outskirts of Austin. Sheriff Maurice Cook of Bastrop County revealed that the cistern had a 4-foot wide opening and contained 8 feet of water, along with hazardous hydrogen sulfide gas.

According to Sheriff Cook, the sequence of events unfolded in the early hours of Wednesday. It is believed that one of the men entered the cistern to rescue the dog, described as a bloodhound. The clothing and boots of the other two hunters were found near the hole, indicating that they had taken them off before joining the rescue attempt.

Tragically, the hunters succumbed to the toxic hydrogen sulfide gas and sank to the bottom of the cistern. Sheriff Cook emphasized that the hole was uncovered, posing a significant danger in the middle of the cornfield.

The victims have been identified as Delvys Garcia (37), Denise Martinez (26), and Noel Vigil-Benitez (45), all of whom were from Florida. The sheriff explained that the cistern had an alarmingly high level of hydrogen sulfide, which could have been caused by stagnant water and the decomposition of other animals that had previously fallen into the cistern.

The hunting party also included a fourth person from Texas who wisely chose not to enter the hole. This hunter informed the authorities that the dog had escaped from their truck and they had tracked it using a device attached to its collar.

Efforts to retrieve the bodies were hindered due to concerns from dive teams about the dangerous gas and the structural integrity of the cistern walls. The sheriff’s office reported that the tank emitted strong fumes similar to those of a septic tank.

In conclusion, this heartbreaking incident serves as a reminder of the dangers that can arise in unforeseen circumstances. The loss of three lives and a beloved pet underscores the importance of taking necessary precautions and being aware of potential hazards when engaging in outdoor activities..