“Fatal Shooting of Suspect by West Hartford Police Officer: Mike Alexander-Garcia Identified as Victim”

By | August 11, 2023



The Inspector General’s Office has released a preliminary report on the investigation of a fatal shooting incident involving a West Hartford Police officer. The report provides a timeline of events that occurred on August 8th, when the officer shot a suspect who was attempting to carjack vehicles. The incident is currently being investigated by the Office of Inspector General, Connecticut State Police, and the West Hartford Police Department. West Hartford Mayor Shari Cantor has expressed confidence in the comprehensive and transparent investigation process. shooting-incident/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>We-Ha | West Hartford News reported

The Inspector General’s Office has released a press statement and a preliminary report regarding an ongoing investigation into a fatal shooting incident involving a West Hartford Police officer. The incident occurred on August 8 and the report provides a detailed timeline of events. The Office of Inspector General, along with the Connecticut State Police Western District Major Crime Squad and the West Hartford Police Department, are conducting the investigation. West Hartford Mayor Shari Cantor expressed her condolences and emphasized the importance of a comprehensive and transparent investigation. According to the preliminary report, the incident began when the police attempted to stop a stolen vehicle. The suspects fled and one of them, Lyle Solsbury, was apprehended. The other suspect, Mike Alexander-Garcia, attempted to carjack two vehicles before entering a garage bay at Town Fair Tire. Surveillance footage shows an employee trying to stop Alexander-Garcia, but he managed to get into a Toyota RAV4. Officer Andrew Teeter, accompanied by a police dog, entered the bay and ordered the employee to back down. A struggle ensued and Alexander-Garcia managed to back the RAV4 out of the bay, hitting two vehicles in the process. Officer Teeter discharged his weapon multiple times, fatally shooting Alexander-Garcia. The RAV4 crashed into a utility pole, resulting in Alexander-Garcia’s death. Officer Teeter sustained injuries and was treated at a hospital. The Office of the Inspector General has released video footage from Officer Teeter’s body camera and dashboard cameras, providing a detailed account of the incident. The investigation is ongoing and being conducted by multiple law enforcement agencies. The report emphasizes the need for transparency and impartial evaluation of the facts. Solsbury has been charged in connection with the incident and is currently in custody. Alexander-Garcia had a criminal record and had served jail sentences in the past. The cause of his death was determined to be gunshot wounds to the torso. The Office of the Inspector General’s report provides further details on the investigation..