“Fatal Confrontation: San Diego Police Officer Shoots Armed Man, Killing K9 Sir”

By | August 11, 2023



Authorities have released video footage of a fatal confrontation between San Diego police officers and an armed man. The suspect allegedly shot and killed a police service dog before being fatally shot by a patrolman. The video includes a 911 call recording and footage from officer-worn cameras and a dash cam. The events leading up to the confrontation started when a 911 caller reported being shot at by the occupants of a white Tesla sedan. Officers later located the suspect and a standoff ensued, resulting in the suspect’s death and the death of the police dog. Editor reported

A photograph of the police dog Sir just moments before his death. A San Diego police officer fatally shot the alleged killer. Photo credit: Screen shot, San Diego Police Department via YouTube

Authorities have released video footage of a fatal confrontation between San Diego police officers and an armed man in Clairemont Mesa. The incident occurred last week and resulted in the suspect being shot by a patrolman after he allegedly killed a police service dog named Sir.

The San Diego Police Department uploaded the 10-minute video to YouTube, which includes a recording of a 911 call and footage from two officer-worn cameras and a dash cam. However, part of one officer’s footage is obscured as he was lying on the ground aiming a rifle in the moments leading up to the shooting. The audio from this footage is still audible.

In the video, it is mentioned that the officers were too far away from the suspect to effectively use non-lethal bean-bag rounds. The suspect can barely be seen in the footage, so the police provide a written narrative to describe his actions and position.

The events that led to the deadly encounter began when a 911 caller reported being shot at by the occupants of a white Tesla sedan in the 3500 block of Ben Street. The victim stated that the Tesla had been following his vehicle before passing him and stopping. A man identified as Benjamin Pickens, 33, got out of the Tesla and opened fire with a pistol.

Footage from a dash cam captured images of two shooters firing as the victim drove away. The Tesla then reversed and left the scene. The victim provided the license plate number of the Tesla during his emergency call, allowing officers to track its location to an alley off the 7400 block of Armstrong Place.

Officers discovered the Tesla with Pickens behind the wheel, holding a handgun. When they attempted to pull him over, Pickens sped off and officers lost sight of the vehicle. Later, the Tesla was found in the 7200 block of Mesa College Circle after being involved in a solo crash. The vehicle was unoccupied and no firearm was found inside.

Shortly after, officers spotted Pickens on foot nearby, talking on a cell phone and carrying a pistol under his left armpit. The officers took cover behind their parked cruisers with guns drawn as Pickens repeatedly touched the pistol with his right hand. Officers asked Pickens to surrender, but he ignored their orders and began walking towards an empty lot.

At this point, a handler released a police service dog named Sir, who ran towards Pickens. In response, Pickens turned, drew his gun, and pointed it towards the police. Officer Addam Ansari then fired his service rifle, shooting Pickens in the chest. A second gunshot followed, and Sir can be seen collapsing in the video.

Other officers sent in another service dog to move the wounded suspect away from his gun, which remained within his reach. Sir’s handler provided first aid to the dog and rushed him to an animal hospital, but the veterinarians were unable to save him. Paramedics took Pickens to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The victim who was originally shot at was unharmed, but his vehicle sustained bullet holes in the windshield and rear window.

Officer Addam Ansari has been with the San Diego Police Department for 11 years and is assigned to the Western Division. Sir had been serving the department since March of the previous year. The case is being handled by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department as part of a county-wide agreement for external agencies to investigate officer-involved shootings.

– Staff and wire reports