Wild Bear Attack Claims Life and Injures Woman in Balakot

By | August 10, 2023



A woman was killed and another injured in separate bear attacks in Tehsil Balakot. The increase in climatic changes has led to wild animals, including bears and leopards, migrating to residential areas, resulting in a rise in animal attacks. These attacks have caused panic and fear among the residents, as well as significant losses for those who rely on livestock for their livelihoods. Urgent action by wildlife authorities is needed to address this alarming situation. Tribune reported

In the Tehsil Balakot, residents were left terrified by a series of wild animal attacks. One unfortunate incident resulted in the death of a woman named Fatima in Mang village, as she was viciously attacked by a wild bear. In another incident, a woman named Wali ur Rehman’s wife suffered severe facial injuries from a bear attack in the village of Pambara Kaghan. She was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors declared her condition critical.

The increasing changes in climate have caused wild animals, including bears and leopards, to migrate from the forests of Kaghan and Naran to residential areas. This migration has led to a concerning rise in the frequency of wild animal attacks on both humans and their domestic animals throughout Mansehra district.

The residents of various areas in Balakot continue to live in fear and panic due to the persistent bear and leopard attacks on humans and livestock. The chairman of the village council in Pambara reported a tragic incident involving a bear that fatally attacked Fatima in the vicinity of Mang. Additionally, leopards have been observed patrolling Garlat and its surrounding neighborhoods during daylight hours, further adding to the fear and panic among the local population.

The impact of climate change has significantly disrupted the wildlife in Balakot and Kaghan Valley, exacerbating the challenges faced by residents. The frequent incursions of bears and leopards into human settlements have disastrous consequences as they attack both livestock and people. These attacks result in substantial losses for the impoverished residents who rely on their livestock for livelihood.

Muhammad Javed, the General Councillor of Ghanool, shared a distressing account of a leopard attacking three horses and multiple cattle during the daytime in Siripaye. Urgent action by wildlife authorities is necessary to address this alarming situation, particularly in Siripaye, which is a popular tourist destination.


Meanwhile, the Kaghan Valley has also experienced disturbances due to wildlife. A leopard was spotted twice along the Kaghan Highway in recent months. After its capture, the injured leopard was taken to a wildlife sanctuary for treatment. However, the wildlife department has yet to take significant steps to prevent wildlife migration into populated areas, primarily due to a lack of resources.

It is crucial for wildlife authorities to intervene promptly to mitigate the risks posed by these wild animal attacks. The safety and well-being of both residents and tourists in Balakot and Kaghan Valley are at stake..