“Murder Suspect Jalen Kemble Scheduled for Court in Killing of Tonner Warrior”

By | August 10, 2023



Jalen Anthony Michael Kemble, a murder suspect, is set to appear in court for multiple felony and misdemeanor charges. The Ponca City police believe Kemble is responsible for killing Tonner Gene Warrior during a crime spree. Kemble is facing charges including burglary, unauthorized vehicle use, assault, and domestic violence. He was apprehended after a standoff and admitted to some of the allegations. Kay NewsCow reported

Jalen Anthony Michael Kemble, a murder suspect aged 30, is set to appear in Kay County District Court on Friday for his initial hearing. Currently, Kemble is held in the county jail with a bond set at $1 million. He faces three felony cases and a misdemeanor case.

According to the Ponca City police, Kemble is believed to have committed the murder of Tonner Gene Warrior during a crime spree that took place between July 29 and July 31. The first felony case against Kemble involves charges of second-degree burglary and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

On July 29, the Ponca City police received a report of a kidnapping and rape at an apartment on south 9th Street. The victim stated that Kemble entered the residence and sexually assaulted her in the bathroom. A juvenile was present during the incident. The victim managed to persuade Kemble to check on the child and then locked herself in the bathroom. She later contacted the police.

In the second case, Kemble is accused of first-degree burglary, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, pointing a firearm, possession of a firearm during a felony, and domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor. On July 30, Kemble was involved in a physical domestic altercation outside a residence on Tosque Drive, where he fired a gun. A witness reported that Kemble pointed the gun at them and fired a shot into the ceiling while three children were asleep in another room. Deputies found a shell casing at the scene.

During the investigation of the events on Tosque Drive, deputies were informed by Ponca City investigators about a report of a homicide at a house fire on east Maple Street. The body of Warrior was discovered inside the burning home, with gunshot wounds to the head. Investigators found casings and evidence of an attempted fire in the bathroom. Warrior’s vehicle was later found abandoned in Tonkawa.

Later that day, law enforcement officers located Kemble at a residence on west Oklahoma. After a standoff, he surrendered and was arrested. Firearms and ammunition, some of which matched the casings found at the murder scene, were found during a search of the residence.

During questioning on August 1, Kemble admitted to stealing a black Chevy Equinox and consuming meth, fentanyl, and alcohol over the weekend. He claimed to have been involved in an altercation with a female in Tonkawa and to have walked for 36 hours straight. When asked about the disturbance with the female on Ninth Street in Ponca City, Kemble stated that they had argued and he fled upon seeing the police.

Kemble was also charged with misdemeanor domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor on June 2. However, he failed to appear in court for that matter on June 30.

Regarding Warrior, Kemble initially claimed that he went to Warrior’s house to work on his car and thought Warrior had gone to Texas. It is worth noting that the police did not inform Kemble about Warrior’s death until the interview concluded, at which point Kemble expressed a lack of recollection and apologized.

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