“Lakewood Teen Charged with Murder of Neighbor in Loud Party Dispute – Victim Identified as Leonard Williams”

By | August 10, 2023



A Lakewood teenager has been charged with murder after allegedly stabbing his neighbor to death during an argument about a loud party. The victim, identified as 64-year-old Leonard Williams, was found dead behind a dumpster at a local apartment complex. Complaints had been made about the apartment hosting wild parties, gang members, weapons, and underage drinking. The suspect, 17-year-old Brodey Brownell, allegedly sent a video of himself stomping on the victim’s head to another party attendee. Brownell has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and assault. FOX 13 Seattle reported

A Lakewood teenager has been accused of committing murder after allegedly fatally stabbing his neighbor, who had complained about a noisy party. On July 31, police received reports of a deceased man behind the Morning Tree Apartment complex in Lakewood, Washington. The victim was identified as Leonard Williams, a 64-year-old resident. Police discovered that one particular apartment in the complex had been a consistent source of disturbance, with numerous 911 calls reporting rowdy gatherings, presence of gang members, weapons, and underage drinking. Prior to the fatal stabbing, officers had been called to the same apartment twice in response to noise complaints and fights. A witness who had attended the party informed the police that they had briefly left and received a phone call upon their return, informing them that someone named “Chubbs” had allegedly killed someone. The nickname “Chubbs” is associated with the 17-year-old suspect, Brodey Brownell. The victim had received a video from Brownell, showing him stomping on the victim’s head while uttering the statement, “you messed with the wrong person.” According to the witness, the video clearly depicted the victim bleeding from the eye, ears, and mouth, struggling to breathe. Another witness mentioned that three teenagers were discussing their friend’s recent knife attack when the victim confronted them about the loud party. The medical examiner concluded that Williams had sustained six or seven stab wounds to the neck and face. After reviewing surveillance footage and gathering witness testimonies, the authorities arrested Brownell, charging him with first-degree murder and assault..