“Hog Hunters from Florida Die in Tragic Sewer Gas Accident: Victims Identified”

By | August 10, 2023



Three hog hunters from Florida died in a tragic accident in Texas after trying to rescue their dog from an underground tank filled with sewer gas. The bodies of two men, a woman, and the dog were recovered from the tank in a cornfield. The sheriff believes they were overcome by hydrogen sulfide gas in the hole. The cistern had a high level of gas, making it deadly. Efforts to recover the bodies were hindered by gas concerns and the structure’s integrity. CBSMiami reported

A tragic incident occurred in Texas, where three hog hunters from Florida lost their lives in a tragic accident. The unfortunate event took place when their dog fell into an underground tank filled with sewer gas, prompting one of the hunters to attempt a rescue. Unfortunately, the other two hunters also jumped into the tank in a desperate bid to save their companions. The bodies of the two men, a woman, and the dog were later recovered from the tank, which was located in a cornfield on the outskirts of Austin.

Sheriff Maurice Cook of Bastrop County provided details of the incident, explaining that the tank was actually a cistern with a 4-foot-wide opening and contained approximately 8 feet of water. To make matters worse, hydrogen sulfide gas was present in the tank. The sequence of events unfolded in the early hours of Wednesday when one of the men ventured into the cistern to rescue the bloodhound. Evidence, such as clothing and boots belonging to the other hunters, suggested that they too entered the tank after removing their belongings.

Authorities believe that the hunters were overwhelmed by the toxic hydrogen sulfide gas and succumbed to its effects, ultimately sinking to the bottom of the tank. Sheriff Cook emphasized the lack of cover over the hole, highlighting the dangerous nature of the situation.

The victims were identified as Delvys Garcia (37), Denise Martinez (26), and Noel Vigil-Benitez (45). All three individuals hailed from Florida. Sheriff Cook revealed that the cistern had a notably high concentration of hydrogen sulfide, which could prove fatal. Stagnant water and the decomposition of other animals that had previously fallen into the cistern were contributing factors to the lethal gas levels.

The hunting party included a fourth individual from Texas who did not enter the tank. According to the Texas hunter, the dog had escaped from their truck, and they were using a tracking device attached to the dog’s collar to locate it.

Efforts to retrieve the bodies were hindered by concerns from dive teams regarding the toxic gas and the structural integrity of the tank’s walls. The sheriff’s office reported that the cistern emitted strong fumes similar to those of a septic tank.

This tragic incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers that can arise in unexpected situations. It is a devastating loss of life and a solemn reminder of the importance of caution and safety measures in all endeavors..