“Deadly Shooting in Indianapolis: Angel Rodriguez Arriaga Killed in Argument”

By | August 10, 2023



A deadly shooting occurred at an apartment complex in Indianapolis after an argument between a woman’s roommate and her boyfriend. The boyfriend was killed, and the roommate, Osmin Martinez, was arrested. The girlfriend stated that Martinez tried to kiss her, leading to an argument between the two men. Martinez fled the scene but was later apprehended by police. A firearm matching the casings found near the victim’s body was discovered in Martinez’s car. He is now facing a preliminary charge of murder. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will decide on the final charges. shooting-osmin-martinez-facing-charges-death-angel-rodriguez-arriaga-south-side/70568995007/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Jake Allen reported

According to court records, a fatal shooting occurred inside an apartment complex on the south side of Indianapolis on Tuesday, following an argument between a woman’s boyfriend and her roommate. The suspect, Osmin Martinez, was apprehended by detectives a few hours after the incident, which took place on Continental Court. The victim, Angel Rodriguez Arriaga, was pronounced dead at the scene. The girlfriend of Arriaga informed investigators that Martinez came home and made advances towards her, leading to a confrontation between Arriaga and Martinez. After the argument, the woman heard gunshots and discovered her boyfriend lying on the ground while Martinez fled the scene in his Volkswagen. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed the death of Arriaga at the apartment. Witnesses in the area reported hearing the gunshots and observed Martinez carrying a firearm as he entered a black car and drove away. Additionally, video footage from neighbors and photographs from a contractor at the apartment complex provided evidence of Martinez’s involvement. The suspect was later stopped by an officer and found with a firearm that matched the casings found near the victim’s body. Arriaga’s girlfriend and a neighbor positively identified Martinez in a photo lineup. Despite denying any involvement in the shooting, Martinez is currently facing a preliminary charge of murder. The final charging decision will be made by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. As of now, no attorney has been listed for Martinez in online court records. For further information, contact Jake Allen at jake.allen@indystar.com or follow him on Twitter @Jake_Allen19..