“Deadly Police Shooting in Redwood City Leaves Family Torn Apart: Exclusive Interview with Victim’s Girlfriend”

By | August 10, 2023



A woman, known as “Rosy,” has spoken out about a deadly police shooting in Redwood City last November. She disputes the official reports that claim the suspect used her and her children as shields and was threatening her. Rosy recalls feeling confused and frightened by the officers as they fired their weapons and questions why alternative tactics were not used to de-escalate the situation. The officers involved were deemed justified in their use of lethal force, but Rosy’s account raises concerns about their approach. She has filed a complaint with the Department of Justice. Hilda Gutierrez reported

During a distressing incident last November, a police shooting unfolded in Redwood City, resulting in the tragic loss of life and leaving a family shattered. The suspect’s girlfriend, known as “Rosy,” provided an exclusive account to the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit, recounting the terrifying ordeal she and her daughters experienced from the backseat of their vehicle as officers opened fire. Rosy feared for her own safety and that of her children, shielding them from the chaos and flying debris inside the car.

The release of the officers’ body camera footage in May depicted a scene of chaos, with the suspect, Abran Gutierrez, brandishing a gun before retreating into the car where Rosy, who was pregnant at the time, and her two daughters were seated. However, Rosy disputes the official reports that suggest Gutierrez used the children as shields and posed a threat to her. She firmly states that she was holding her baby throughout the ordeal and never felt scared or threatened by Gutierrez.

Rosy’s account provides a different perspective from the official reports, revealing her confusion and fear as the officers discharged their weapons. She questioned their actions and wondered how she could intervene to stop the shooting. Within minutes, gunshots shattered the air as the officers fired rifle and gunshot rounds into the vehicle. The bullets pierced through the windows and windshield, fatally striking Gutierrez and causing fragments to hit Rosy and one of her daughters, as confirmed by Rosy herself. Gutierrez’s death certificate listed five gunshot wounds as the cause of death, witnessed by Rosy and her children.

The subsequent investigation conducted by the San Mateo District Attorney’s Office concluded that the officers’ use of lethal force was justified. They cited the threat posed by Gutierrez and their obligation to protect the lives of civilians, including Rosy and her children. However, Rosy and her family’s recollections raise concerns about the officers’ approach and whether alternative de-escalation tactics could have been employed.

Rosy’s emotional account of the events highlights the mental health struggles and paranoia Gutierrez faced in the months leading up to the incident. She emphasizes that she had sought help from law enforcement in the past, hoping they would provide the necessary treatment for her partner.


Despite receiving comments expressing gratitude towards the police, Rosy and her children do not share the sentiment. In fact, they now harbor fear towards law enforcement, with her young daughter regularly expressing sadness and longing for her father. This starkly contrasts with the public’s assumptions about their well-being.

The Redwood City Police declined to comment, citing an ongoing internal affairs investigation that will conclude this month. Rosy has recently filed a complaint with the Department of Justice. Since the interview with NBC Bay Area, Rosy has given birth to a baby boy, whom she named Abraham, after his late father..