“Christian and Hezbollah Clash: Ahmad Kassas and Fadi Bejjani Dead”

By | August 10, 2023



The head of the Christian Kataeb Party has warned that Lebanon is at a “point of no return” after clashes between Christian villagers and Hezbollah members. Two people were killed in the clashes, which occurred after a truck belonging to Hezbollah overturned in a village south of Beirut. Tensions between Hezbollah and Christian groups have been raised as a result of the incident. The head of the Kataeb Party called for opposition meetings and decisions to address the situation and stated that Lebanon is required to take exceptional decisions. By TZVI JOFFRE reported

The leader of the Christian Kataeb Party issued a warning on Thursday, stating that Lebanon has reached a critical point after clashes between Christian villagers and Hezbollah members. The clashes occurred in the village of Kahaleh, south of Beirut, and resulted in the deaths of a Hezbollah member and a Christian resident. The Lebanese Army revealed that the truck involved in the incident was carrying ammunition, and military forces were deployed to the scene to restore calm and transport the munitions to a military center.

Hezbollah claimed that the clashes were instigated by “militias present in the area” who threw stones and fired at the overturned truck, prompting a response from Hezbollah members. The funerals of the deceased individuals took place on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

This incident marks the deadliest clash between Hezbollah and Christians since the clashes in Beirut’s Tayouneh area in 2021, leading to heightened tensions between the two groups in Lebanon.

Samy Gemayel, the head of the Kataeb Party, expressed concern over Lebanon’s precarious situation and warned against a potential return to war, alluding to the country’s past experiences during the Lebanese Civil War. Gemayel emphasized that the Lebanese people have fought for their freedom and dignity for centuries and will not surrender easily.

Gemayel called for opposition meetings and decisions, stating that Lebanon cannot coexist with an armed militia. He urged the opposition to transition from traditional political action to a more essential and existential approach, emphasizing the need for exceptional decisions.


The Free Patriotic Movement, previously allied with Hezbollah, also criticized the incident in Kahaleh, highlighting it as a sign of a decomposing state and society. The movement rejected any attempt to exploit the situation for divisive purposes, emphasizing that such actions would be self-destructive.

Hezbollah-affiliated individuals and media accused the Christians involved in the clashes of aiding Israel, whether intentionally or unintentionally. They linked the incident to a recent visit by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant to the Lebanese border.

Additionally, media reports indicated that an investigation was opened into the death of Elias al-Hasrouni, a former coordinator for the Christian Lebanese Forces party in southern Lebanon. While initially believed to be an accident, the Lebanese Forces and Kataeb party claimed that al-Hasrouni was kidnapped and murdered. The Lebanese Forces called on security forces to swiftly identify the perpetrators and warned of potential consequences.

In conclusion, the recent clashes in Lebanon have raised tensions between Hezbollah and Christian groups, prompting warnings of a dangerous situation and a potential return to war. The incident has led to calls for exceptional decisions and a shift in political action. Accusations of aiding Israel have further complicated the situation, while a separate investigation into a suspected attack on a Christian Lebanese Forces official adds to the concerns in the country..