“9-Year-Old Girl in Chicago Shot and Killed by Neighbor: Serabi Medina Identified as Victim”

By | August 10, 2023



A 9-year-old girl in Chicago was tragically shot and killed by her adult neighbor while she was playing on her scooter and enjoying ice cream. The suspect, Michael Goodman, has been charged with first-degree murder and remains in jail. The shooting occurred outside the girl’s apartment building, and the motive for the attack is still unknown. Witnesses and evidence, including a shell casing and firearm, have been identified in the case. Goodman’s lawyer claims he suffers from severe mental health issues. Antonio Planas reported

According to court records, a tragic incident occurred in Chicago where a 9-year-old girl named Serabi Medina was playing on her scooter and enjoying some ice cream on a Saturday. However, her joyous moment was abruptly shattered when her adult neighbor, Michael Goodman, walked across the street and fatally shot her in the head. Goodman, who is now facing charges of first-degree murder, remains in jail without bond.

The heartbreaking incident took place in the Portage Park neighborhood, shortly before 9:30 p.m. on what seemed like a typical summer night for the young girl. As stated in the court documents, Serabi’s father, who was holding ice cream given to him by his daughter, heard a gunshot and instructed her to quickly take her scooter and retreat to their apartment. Tragically, before she could reach safety, Goodman approached with a gun in his hand, ignoring the father’s pleas and advancing towards the apartment entrance.

In a desperate attempt to protect his child, Serabi’s father rushed towards her but was unable to reach her in time. Ignoring any sense of humanity, Goodman raised his firearm and mercilessly shot the innocent girl in the head. However, the father managed to tackle Goodman into the apartment vestibule, causing the gun to discharge and inadvertently strike Goodman in the eye.

The motive behind this senseless act has not been specified in the court records. However, a neighbor and friend of the victim’s family, Megan Kelley, revealed to the Chicago Sun-Times that the gunman had confronted the girl and her father about noise disturbance prior to the shooting. She further mentioned that Goodman had a history of complaining about children playing in the neighborhood, expressing her disbelief and stating that it was unjustifiable.

Goodman, who is now in critical condition, was taken to the hospital following the incident. Fiona Ortiz, a spokesperson for the Cook County Public Defender’s Office, confirmed that Goodman is being represented by a public defender. During the court proceedings, Goodman’s lawyer highlighted his severe mental health issues, resulting in an immediate psychiatric treatment order.

Supporting the case against Goodman, three witnesses, in addition to the victim’s father, identified him as the perpetrator. Investigators also discovered a 9mm shell casing outside the apartment vestibule, and further search of Goodman’s residence revealed a 9mm bullet lodged in the wall, indicating his involvement in the shooting.

This heart-wrenching incident serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing mental health issues and promoting a safe and supportive community environment for children to thrive in. The loss of young Serabi Medina has left a permanent void, and her tragic fate has shaken the Portage Park neighborhood and the wider Chicago community..