“Tiffany Gomas Identified as Woman Who Claimed Man on Flight Was Not Human”

By | August 9, 2023



Tiffany Gomas, the woman who went viral for claiming she saw a non-human man on an American Airlines flight, has been identified as a marketing executive from Texas. She caused a commotion on the flight, leading to the aircraft being rescreened and her being removed. Gomas is known for founding Uppercut Marketing and living in a $2 million mansion. She had an argument with a relative before the incident. Srishti Marwah reported

Tiffany Gomas, the woman who gained viral fame last month for claiming to have seen a non-human man on an American Airlines flight, has now been identified as a marketing executive named Tiffany Gomas. The revelation came from Bree A. Dail, who obtained an incident report from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport police. According to the report, Gomas caused a disturbance on the flight by insisting that the aircraft was not safe and refusing to let it depart. The flight attendants felt the need to rescreen the plane, and Gomas was ultimately denied boarding and escorted off the aircraft. She was reportedly unwilling to leave and had to be forcibly removed. It has been discovered that Gomas is a 38-year-old marketing executive from Dallas, Texas, who resides in a $2 million mansion in the Lakewood neighborhood. She graduated from Oklahoma State University and was recognized as a “rising star” in 2017. Gomas is the founder of Uppercut Marketing, a firm based in Dallas. Prior to the incident, she had an argument with a relative who she accused of stealing her AirPods. The video of Gomas yelling on the plane went viral, with her exclaiming that the man at the back of the aircraft was not real. She claimed that the plane was unsafe, leading to the passengers being deplaned for screening. Gomas attempted to investigate the area herself but was prevented from doing so. When authorities arrived, she was described as distraught and uncooperative. She attempted to bypass security multiple times and was given verbal criminal trespassing notices. Gomas also refused to show identification and did not speak to the officers. Despite rumors on social media that she had gone missing, there was no official statement confirming this..