“The Ex-Husband of Poisonous Mushroom Lunch Victims Almost Died from Mystery Illness”

By | August 9, 2023



The ex-husband of Erin Patterson, the woman who cooked a poisonous mushroom lunch that killed three family members, revealed that he almost died from a mystery stomach illness in 2022. Simon Patterson spent 21 days in intensive care and had multiple operations on his small intestine. Ms. Patterson is a person of interest in the investigation, and police have conducted forensic testing on a dehydrator found near her home. She denies any wrongdoing, and no charges have been laid. The investigation into the deaths is ongoing. The West Australian reported

The former husband of the woman who prepared a fatal mushroom lunch that resulted in the deaths of three family members reportedly fell seriously ill with a mysterious stomach illness in 2022. The revelation has surfaced as the police continue their forensic examination of a dehydrator discovered at a dump near Erin Patterson’s residence. Erin, 48 years old, had invited her former in-laws Gail and Don Patterson, as well as Gail’s sister Heather and her husband Ian Wilkinson, for lunch at her home in Leongatha, Victoria on July 29. However, the following day, all four guests were admitted to the hospital. Sadly, the Pattersons, aged 70, and Ms. Wilkinson, aged 66, have since passed away, while Mr. Wilkinson, aged 68, remains in critical condition and is awaiting a liver transplant.

It has now come to light that Simon Patterson, Erin’s ex-husband, spent 21 days in the intensive care unit after collapsing at his home in May 2022. Simon described his ordeal, stating that he had collapsed at home and subsequently underwent three emergency surgeries on his small intestine, in addition to a planned operation. His condition was so severe that his family was asked to say their goodbyes, as his chances of survival were slim. After spending 21 days in intensive care and a week in the general ward, Simon is currently undergoing rehabilitation. He mentioned that the treatment seems to have resolved his serious gut issues but has left him with ICU acquired weakness and weakness in his left shoulder.

Erin Patterson has been identified as a person of interest in the investigation into the deadly mushroom lunch. While she and Simon Patterson were said to have an amicable relationship prior to the deaths of his family members, Erin maintains her innocence, and no charges are expected to be filed at this stage of the inquiry. Homicide detectives executed a search of the property over the weekend, seizing various items, including a food dehydrator believed to have been used in the preparation of the mushrooms. An anonymous police source revealed that forensic tests are being conducted on the dehydrator, which was found at a nearby refuse site.

On Sunday night, four police officers returned to question Erin Patterson, who could be heard wailing inside her house before the police left. After being interviewed, she was released pending further investigation. The following day, Victoria Police Detective Inspector Dean Thomas confirmed that Erin is being treated as a person of interest. He emphasized that although the homicide squad is investigating the deaths, they are not currently considered suspicious, but rather unexplained. When confronted by the media at her property, Erin expressed her devastation over the events and denied any involvement in the deaths. She described the deceased as wonderful people who had always treated her with kindness. However, when pressed for details about the mushrooms’ origin or the meal she prepared, Erin did not provide any answers.

Erin Patterson’s two children were also present at the lunch, but Detective Inspector Thomas clarified that they had consumed different meals from the adults. The police believe that death cap mushrooms are responsible for the poisonings and are investigating how they ended up in the meal. Consumption of death cap mushrooms typically leads to symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea within six to 24 hours, and can result in severe liver damage..