“Naked Man Enters Unconscious Woman’s Bed on ‘Below Deck Down Under’: Margot Sisson Victimized”

By | August 9, 2023



The production team and cast of the reality series “Below Deck Down Under” are being praised for their handling of consent issues after an episode featured a naked man entering a woman’s bed while she was unconscious. The incident was captured on camera, and the production team promptly intervened and asked the man to leave. Fans of the show commended the crew for prioritizing safety and preventing a potential sexual assault. The episode also addressed the fallout from the incident, including the termination of the man involved and another cast member who made a colleague uncomfortable without consent. Doha Madani reported

The production team and cast of the reality series “Below Deck Down Under” are receiving praise for their handling of consent issues following an episode that showed a disturbing incident. The episode, which takes place on a superyacht in Australia, begins with the crew returning from a night out. Margot Sisson, a crew member, is shown going to bed after expressing her desire to sleep alone. However, while she is asleep, Luke Jones, another castmate, enters her bedroom in a towel. The production and camera crew quickly intervene and ask Jones to leave, as they realize the situation is inappropriate. Jones, who appears to be intoxicated, reluctantly leaves but not before making offensive remarks. It is clear from the blurred video footage that Jones is naked when he comes to the door. He eventually covers himself with a towel and retreats to his own bedroom. Aesha Scott, the ship’s chief steward, informs the captain, Jason Chambers, about the incident and shares her own experience of sexual assault. Chambers takes immediate action and instructs Jones to leave the yacht and find accommodation elsewhere. The next morning, Jones is officially terminated from the crew. Viewers of the episode commended the production team and crew for their swift response and believed that their intervention prevented a potential sexual assault. The episode also shows the aftermath of the incident, including a touching moment where Sisson receives support and reassurance from fellow crew members. Chambers holds a meeting with the entire crew to discuss the importance of respecting boundaries and consent. Another cast member, Laura Bileskalne, is also terminated after it is revealed that she made a colleague uncomfortable by entering his room without permission. Bileskalne defends Jones and claims he was joking, but Chambers sees this as a breach of trust and disrespects his values. Representatives for Bravo, the network that airs the show, have not yet commented on the incident..