“Man Kills Wife in Bengaluru over Theft Allegations and Loan Repayment Burden”

By | August 9, 2023



A 37-year-old man in Bengaluru killed his wife after she faced theft allegations and he couldn’t repay a loan. The man wanted to kill himself but lacked the courage. Despite moving to Bengaluru, the woman continued to be called a thief by some people. The man, who ran a panipuri shop, strangled his wife and later surrendered to the police. The Indian Express reported

The Bengaluru police have reported that a 37-year-old man murdered his wife and turned himself in, stating that he was devastated by the constant accusations of theft against her and his inability to repay a loan. The man confessed that he had contemplated taking his own life but lacked the courage to do so. According to the police, the couple had relocated from their hometown of Mangaluru to Bengaluru due to the wife’s previous theft allegations.

Despite their relocation, the woman continued to be labeled a thief by certain individuals who were aware of their situation, as per a police officer. The husband, who operated a panipuri shop in the city, had borrowed Rs 11 lakh but struggled to repay the debt. Consequently, he made the decision to kill his wife and himself, the police disclosed.

In the early hours of Tuesday, the man allegedly strangled his wife with a rope and spent some time with her lifeless body. Although he attempted suicide, he was unsuccessful and eventually informed the landlord about his actions before surrendering to the police.

After his arrest, the man admitted during questioning that he had murdered his wife while she was asleep..