“Dhule Man Yells at ‘Terrorist’ in Viral Video”

By | August 9, 2023



A man in Dhule, Maharashtra was captured on video yelling at and slapping a ‘terrorist’ in a crowded temple. It was later revealed that the ‘terrorist’ was actually a police officer participating in a mock drill. Netizens criticized the lack of seriousness in the drill, comparing it to a casual office fire drill. TN Viral Desk reported

Maharashtra Man Yells at 'Terrorist'
Maharashtra Man Yells at ‘Terrorist’

A man was captured on video yelling and slapping a person he believed to be a ‘terrorist’ inside a crowded temple in Dhule, Maharashtra. The incident has gained traction on various social media platforms.

The video clip reveals a masked individual, posing as a ‘terrorist’, holding a worshipper hostage at gunpoint. A young girl, overwhelmed by the sudden intrusion of the perpetrator, bursts into tears. In response to this distressing sight, her father, identified as Prashant Kulkarni, aged 35, confronts the ‘terrorist’ and delivers two resounding slaps, while shouting, “Do you possess any semblance of intelligence?”

Subsequently, law enforcement officers swiftly intervened and managed to bring the situation under control. It was later revealed that the ‘terrorist’ was, in fact, a police officer assigned to enact a role during a simulated exercise. Reports suggest that the superintendent of police office’s control room had received information about the supposed infiltration of ‘terrorists’ at the Shri Swaminarayan Temple in the Devpur area of Dhule.

Online users ridiculed the mock drill, highlighting the lack of seriousness evident in the proceedings. One individual remarked, “This incident reminds me of fire drills in the workplace, where staff nonchalantly descend the stairs, engaging in laughter, conversations, and even holding cups of tea. It appears this drill was no different.”
Another user on Twitter quipped, “Perhaps he thought they were filming an Instagram reel.”