“Chicago Man Arrested in Henry County After Police Pursuit”

A Chicago man was arrested in Knightstown, Indiana after a police pursuit on Tuesday morning. The driver attempted to flee from the officer and led them on a short chase before stopping and trying to escape on foot. The driver, identified as Davonte Smith, was apprehended with the help of a stun device. It was later discovered that Smith was wanted in connection with a carjacking incident earlier in the day. He is facing preliminary charges of resisting law enforcement, possession of stolen property, criminal recklessness, and reckless driving. WTHR.com staff reported

A photograph illustrating the scene shows a man from Chicago being apprehended on various preliminary charges. The incident took place in Knightstown, Indiana, where a police pursuit concluded with the arrest. According to the Indiana State Police, a trooper noticed a car that appeared to be speeding on Interstate 70 at approximately 8:30 a.m. The officer attempted to initiate a stop, but the driver evaded the trooper, resulting in a brief chase. Eventually, the driver headed south on State Road 109 and entered Knightstown, where he came to a stop. In an attempt to escape, the driver exited the vehicle and began fleeing on foot. A Knightstown officer joined in the pursuit and used a stun device to subdue the suspect. The driver, identified as Davonte Smith, a 29-year-old individual, was subsequently apprehended. Further investigation revealed that Smith was wanted in connection with a carjacking incident involving a woman and a child in Wayne County earlier that same day. The spokesperson for the police stated that Smith is currently facing preliminary charges of evading law enforcement with a motor vehicle, possessing stolen property, engaging in reckless and dangerous behavior, and driving recklessly..