“9-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot in Chicago by Neighbor: Tragic Incident Unfolds”

By | August 9, 2023



A 9-year-old girl in Chicago was shot and killed by her neighbor. The girl’s father tackled the shooter after witnessing the incident. The suspect has been charged with first-degree murder. Gun violence remains a major issue in the US, especially among children. The suspect tested positive for gunshot residue, and a firearm was recovered from outside his apartment. He is currently being held without bail. KION546 reported

In a tragic incident in Chicago, a 9-year-old girl was fatally shot in front of her home by her neighbor. According to a legal document obtained by CNN, the neighbor, identified as Michael Goodman, allegedly fired the gun at the child before her brave father intervened and tackled the shooter. Goodman, who now faces charges of first-degree murder, reportedly shot the girl as she rode her scooter to buy ice cream from a nearby truck. Prior to the shooting, the girl’s father was conversing with friends in a vehicle in front of their residence while she enjoyed her scooter ride. Upon hearing a gunshot nearby, the father instructed his daughter to return to their apartment. However, as she approached the front door, the shooter emerged from his own building across the street, brandishing a firearm. The father and other witnesses witnessed the neighbor approaching the child, prompting the father to confront him. As the father rushed towards his daughter, he saw the neighbor raise the gun, aim it at the girl, and fatally shoot her in the head. In the ensuing struggle, the father tackled the shooter, causing the gun to discharge and injure the assailant in the eye. The child was rushed to the hospital but tragically succumbed to her injuries, while the suspect was arrested and also taken to a hospital. This heartbreaking incident highlights the ongoing issue of gun violence in the United States, which remains the leading cause of death among children and teenagers. Police conducted tests on the suspect’s hands, which yielded positive results for gunshot residue, and a 9mm Canik firearm was recovered outside of the suspect’s apartment. Currently, Goodman is being held without bail at the request of the authorities. The document emphasizes the defendant’s responsibility for the death of the child, as he was armed with a firearm and personally discharged it, leading to the tragic loss of another individual’s life..

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