“83-Year-Old Man Sues Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Over Mansion Purchase”

By | August 9, 2023



An 83-year-old man is taking legal action against Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, claiming they bought his $15 million mansion while he was not of sound mind. The man had recently undergone back surgery and was on painkillers at the time of the sale. The case has been ongoing for three years and is now heading to court. The man argues that he did not realize what he was doing and later rescinded the contract for the house. Perry and Bloom’s agents threatened to sue him if he did not proceed with the sale. TBS reported

An 83-year-old gentleman has decided to initiate legal proceedings against pop star Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom, claiming that they purchased his $15 million mansion while he was in a state of impaired mental capacity. The property in question, located in Santa Barbara, was sold to the celebrity couple shortly after the gentleman, Carl Wescott, had undergone a six-hour back surgery and was still recovering from it. The legal battle over this matter has persisted for three years since the sale occurred in July 2020, but it is now approaching its final resolution.

Wescott alleges that due to the strong pain medication he was prescribed following the surgery, he was not fully aware of his actions and did not comprehend the consequences of selling his property. He later attempted to cancel the contract for the house. Wescott suffers from Huntingdon’s Disease, and the agents representing Perry and Bloom reportedly threatened to sue him if he failed to proceed with the sale. Wescott is now seeking to have the contract declared null and void, arguing that he lacked the mental capacity to understand the implications of the transaction. He claims that he never listed the property for sale or consulted a broker about its listing, further supporting his case.

According to the complaint, Wescott was prescribed multiple painkillers, including opiates, which he took as instructed several times each day. The combination of his age, fragility due to his back condition and recent surgery, and the regular intake of opiates allegedly affected his mental state, rendering him unfit to make sound decisions.

This legal dispute has drawn significant attention, and it is expected that the court will finally adjudicate the matter after three years of ongoing litigation..