“7-Eleven Robbery Suspect Arrested After Viral Beating Incident”

By | August 9, 2023



Stockton police have arrested a man who was seen being beaten by 7-Eleven clerks in a viral video. The man, identified as Tyrone Frazier, has been connected to multiple robberies and other crimes. The police department learned of his attempted robbery after the video went viral and later discovered his involvement in previous robberies at the same 7-Eleven store. The police will forward their findings to the district attorney’s office for further investigation. The district attorney’s office clarified that they are only investigating the man shown in the video. KCRA reported

Stockton police have arrested a man who was captured in a viral video being beaten by 7-Eleven clerks after discovering that he was connected to multiple robberies and other crimes. The incident, which was recorded and widely circulated, shows the man filling a trash can with cigarette packs before being restrained by one clerk and repeatedly struck by another with a wooden pole. The Stockton Police Department became aware of the attempted robbery on July 29th, when officers responded to a report of a man who had been hit by a stick and was in pain. However, he was not arrested at the time as the police were unaware of his involvement in previous robberies at the same 7-Eleven store.

Further investigation revealed that the man in question, identified as 42-year-old Tyrone Frazier, had been linked to multiple robberies at the Center Street 7-Eleven. According to the police logs, the first robbery occurred on July 28th, during which Frazier threatened to shoot an employee if they intervened and then stole several packs of cigarettes and other items. The second robbery took place just hours before the viral incident, with Frazier again demanding money and implying he had a handgun. This time, however, the employee did not comply and instead placed food items in a garbage bag before Frazier fled the scene.

Frazier was eventually apprehended by the police on August 7th, following a reported act of vandalism in the vicinity of the 7-Eleven on East Weber Avenue. During his arrest, officers learned of a third robbery that had not been reported, although details of this incident have not been disclosed. The police department intends to present all their findings, including evidence and interviews, to the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office once their investigation is complete.

Initially, the police department considered possible assault charges against the clerks involved in the beating, given the video evidence of their actions. However, the district attorney’s office has clarified that they are solely investigating the man shown attempting the theft in the video..

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