“19-year-old Motorcycle Driver Pronounced Deceased in Stafford County Crash”

By | August 9, 2023



A 19-year-old motorcycle driver was killed in a two-vehicle crash involving a box truck in Stafford County, Virginia. The motorcycle was traveling at a high speed when it collided with the truck. The driver of the truck was uninjured. The incident is under investigation. In other news, the Stafford County Sheriff’s Department reported drug activity, fraud, larceny, and vandalism incidents. Potomac Local News reported

A patrol car belonging to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office received a call on August 8th at approximately 12:54 p.m. regarding a car accident at the intersection of Richmond Highway and Eskimo Hill Road. Deputies promptly arrived at the scene and discovered a collision involving a motorcycle and a box truck. Unfortunately, the 19-year-old motorcycle driver was pronounced dead at the scene, while the driver of the box truck remained unharmed.

Based on the initial investigation and evidence collected by the Traffic Safety Unit, it was determined that the motorcycle was traveling at a high speed in a northbound direction on Richmond Highway when it collided with the box truck. The truck had been making a left turn from southbound Richmond Highway onto Eskimo Hill Road. Neither driver had enough time to react and avoid the accident.

The motorcycle driver has been identified as Fnu Sajid from Stafford. Deputy W.J. Walker is currently conducting an ongoing investigation into the crash. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Sajid’s family and friends during this difficult time.

Here are some other recent crime news updates from Stafford County:

Stafford County Sheriff’s Department: “DRUGS: Rappahannock Regional Jail, 1745 Richmond Highway, 8/7, 5:18 p.m. Deputy C.R. Newman responded to a report of drug activity. Jail staff informed Deputy Newman that another law enforcement agency had brought in an inmate on unrelated charges. During the intake process, the suspect offered suspected controlled substances to the staff, asking if they wanted a blunt. The staff declined and confiscated the object, leading to the issuance and execution of a felony warrant for the prisoner.”

“FRAUD: Winding Creek Road, 8/7, 5:23 p.m. A victim reported a case of fraud to Deputy B.E. Vaughn. The victim had made contact with an individual on Facebook who claimed to be selling puppies. The seller requested a $600 deposit, but when the victim traveled to Pennsylvania to meet the seller, they never showed up. Deputy Vaughn is now investigating the fraudulent incident.”

“LARCENY: 7-Eleven, 1 Commerce Parkway, 8/6, 3:29 a.m. Deputy A.J. Charoenthep responded to a larceny report. The store staff reported that a man stole a coffee and a snack. When confronted, the suspect responded rudely and made an obscene gesture.”

“LARCENY: 7-Eleven, 1 Commerce Parkway, 8/7, 12:43 a.m. Deputy D.S. Jett was dispatched to a larceny incident. The staff at the same 7-Eleven store reported another theft involving the same suspect mentioned in the previous report. It is hoped that the suspect will be apprehended before the arrival of pumpkin spice season.”

“VANDALISM: Sierra Drive, 8/7, 1:42 p.m. Deputy F.A. Martinez responded to a vandalism complaint. The victim stated that one of the windows of her vehicle had been smashed.”