“Update: Suspect’s Mother Identified as Bludgeoning Victim in Double Murder Case”

By | August 8, 2023



Bandera County has identified Crystal Dawn Holder as the victim of a bludgeoning murder, and she is also the mother of the suspect, Michael Novak. Deputies discovered the crime scene on July 28 after noticing a strong smell of decomposition. Novak was found inside the house with blood on his hand and has been arrested on suspicion of murder. The other victim, Richard Otto Biering III, was found in bed with Novak’s mother. Novak is currently facing two murder charges with a bail set at $500,000 for each count. KTSA reported

Update: Suspect’s mother identified as bludgeoning victim
In a distressing bludgeoning incident, Crystal Dawn Holder has been identified as the female victim, who is also the mother of the suspect, Michael Novak.

Upon entering the residence on July 28, deputies were greeted by the putrid smell of decomposition.

According to reports from KSAT 12, Novak was apprehended by Bandera Sheriff’s Deputies inside the house, with blood detected on his right hand.

The deceased man found in the bed alongside Novak’s mother has been identified as Richard Otto Biering III.


Novak has been arrested by Bandera County sheriffs on suspicion of murder and has been in custody ever since.

Currently, Novak is facing two charges, with a bail amount of $500,000 assigned for each murder count.

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