“Tragic Drunkenness and Over Speeding Incident Claims Three Lives”

By | August 8, 2023



Three people died in an accident caused by drunken and reckless driving by youths in Visakha City. The incident occurred near Radisson Blu Hotel on Beach Road. A couple on a bike was killed when the car hit a tree. Two youths survived with the help of airbags, while another was seriously injured. Police suspect alcohol consumption played a role in the accident, and one passenger is currently missing. The car was reportedly traveling at a speed of over 150 kmph. Sindujaa D N reported

The occurrence of intoxicated and excessively fast driving by young individuals resulted in the tragic deaths of three people. Even before this accident, young people in cars were causing disturbances on the footpath at Sagar Nagar Arch. The loss of lives of an innocent couple who had no connection to this incident shocked bystanders. This unfortunate incident took place near Radisson Blu Hotel on Beach Road on Monday at 10 pm.

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Six young individuals from Visakha City were consuming alcohol inside a car and speeding towards Rushikonda from Sagara Nagar. As the car approached Radisson Blu Hotel, it lost control, collided with a divider, and veered into the opposite lane. At that moment, a couple riding their bike from Rushikonda towards the city collided with a tree. Tragically, the couple succumbed to their injuries on the spot. One of the passengers sitting in the back seat of the car also lost their life.

Fortunately, the young man driving the car and another young man sitting in the front survived as the airbags deployed. However, another occupant of the car sustained severe injuries and was transported to KGH by his friends. The police suspect that the car involved in the accident contained beer bottles, suggesting that the occupants had been consuming alcohol.

A preliminary investigation has concluded that this fatal accident was caused by reckless driving under the influence of alcohol. The deceased youth in the car was identified as a resident of PM Palem, while the deceased husband and wife were identified as residents of the Rayagada area. The police have disclosed that one of the car’s passengers is currently evading capture. It is believed that the car was traveling at a speed exceeding 150 kmph at the time of the accident. The bodies of the deceased were taken to KGH.



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