“Kansas Man Jesse Nicholls Killed by Officer in Domestic Disturbance”

By | August 8, 2023



A 46-year-old man, identified as Jesse Nicholls, was shot and killed by law enforcement in Ransom, Kansas during a domestic disturbance. Deputies responded to 911 calls reporting an armed man making threats. After convincing him to leave the home, the man picked up a pistol and fired towards the ground, prompting a deputy to shoot him multiple times. Nicholls later died from his injuries at the hospital. No deputies were harmed in the incident. Eduardo Castillo reported

A law enforcement officer in western Kansas fatally shot and killed a man, identified as Jesse Nicholls, in response to a domestic disturbance on Tuesday. The incident occurred after the Ness County Sheriff’s Office received 911 calls reporting an armed man making threats. Upon tracking the calls to a residence in Ransom, located at 207 S. Vermont, deputies engaged in communication with Nicholls over the phone and successfully persuaded him to exit the premises. On complying with the deputies’ instructions, Nicholls emerged onto the front yard and placed a pistol on the ground. However, he unexpectedly retrieved the weapon and discharged it towards the ground. In immediate response to Nicholls’ action, a deputy from the Ness County Sheriff’s Office fired multiple rounds, striking and ultimately causing Nicholls’ death. Following the incident, Nicholls was transported to Grisell Memorial Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. Fortunately, none of the deputies involved were harmed during the shooting, as confirmed by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI)..