“Deputy Charles Dozé to be Released from Hospital After Being Shot Multiple Times”

Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Charles Dozé, who was shot multiple times while serving an eviction notice in Tualatin, is set to be released from the hospital. Dozé suffered life-threatening injuries when the suspect opened fire, and the suspect was later found dead in the apartment. Dozé’s injuries include being shot in the head, losing his left eye and multiple teeth. He still has multiple surgeries ahead of him. shooting-released-hospital/283-1877d308-6e55-4423-aa58-02a1bd52d3ec” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>KGW Staff reported

Deputy Charles Dozé of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office is scheduled to be released from the hospital on Tuesday, following a shooting incident that occurred while he was serving an eviction notice at a Tualatin apartment complex on July 26. Dozé sustained life-threatening injuries when the suspect opened fire on him and two other deputies upon their arrival at the apartment door. He was immediately transported by helicopter to Legacy Emanuel hospital for urgent medical treatment. The suspect barricaded themselves inside the apartment, leading to a prolonged standoff with law enforcement. Eventually, a SWAT team discovered the suspect deceased within the premises. It remains unclear whether the suspect was shot during the initial exchange of gunfire or if they took their own life during the standoff. The deceased suspect has been identified as 34-year-old Kristafer Graves. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office reported that Dozé regained consciousness and was able to communicate on July 30. However, his recovery is expected to be a lengthy process, potentially spanning months or even years. The full extent of Dozé’s injuries was disclosed last week, revealing that he was shot a total of seven times. These wounds included two shots to the head, resulting in the loss of his left eye and multiple teeth. Additionally, Dozé sustained gunshot injuries to both arms, fracturing the upper arm bones on both sides, as well as three shots to the upper torso. Fortunately, his body armor effectively stopped these bullets. At present, the sheriff’s office has indicated that Dozé will require multiple surgeries in the future. Dozé’s daughter, Kaela, expressed her joy and gratitude at the prospect of seeing her father and being able to speak with him. She shared his eagerness to be released from his hospital bed, as he finds the confinement challenging due to his active nature and reliance on others for care..