“9-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot in Head by Neighbor in Chicago”

By | August 8, 2023



A 43-year-old man in Chicago has been charged with murder after a 9-year-old girl was shot and killed by someone upset over noise. Witnesses said the girl’s father was speaking with friends outside their home when the shooting occurred. The suspect allegedly followed the girl into her apartment building and shot her in the head. The girl’s father tackled the suspect, and the gun discharged, injuring the suspect. The suspect has been arrested and is being held without bail. The motive for the shooting remains unclear. shooting-of-9-year-old-chicago-girl-witnesses-say-he-was-upset-over-noise/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Courtney Spinelli,Marisa Rodriguez,Jocelina Joiner reported

A 43-year-old man from Chicago, Michael Goodman, has been accused of murder after witnesses claimed that he shot and killed his 9-year-old neighbor due to being upset about noise. The incident occurred in the Portage Park neighborhood at around 9:40 p.m. on Saturday. Serabi Medina, the victim, was riding her scooter while her father was conversing with three friends outside their home. One of the friends gave Medina money to purchase ice cream from a nearby ice cream truck. Shortly after Medina bought ice cream for herself and her father, gunshots were heard in the area. Medina’s father instructed her to go back inside their apartment, but as she approached the front door, Goodman allegedly appeared with a firearm. Witnesses stated that Goodman crossed the street and ignored Medina’s father when questioned about his actions. He followed Medina to the entrance of her apartment building, where her father attempted to intervene. However, Goodman allegedly pointed his firearm at Medina and fired, resulting in her tragic death. In the ensuing struggle, Medina’s father managed to tackle Goodman, causing the gun to discharge and strike Goodman in the eye. Medina was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition but was later pronounced dead. Goodman was swiftly apprehended by the police and taken to a local hospital for treatment. During a search of Goodman’s residence, authorities discovered a receipt for the 9mm firearm purportedly used in the shooting, and they believe that all three shell casings recovered from the scene match the gun. Goodman appeared in court on Tuesday and is currently being held without bail. A neighbor, Megan Kelley, revealed that Goodman had confronted Medina and her father about the noise, claiming that they were being too loud. However, the motive for the shooting remains unclear. Serabi Medina’s family and the community are devastated by the tragedy, questioning why a child had to lose her life in such a senseless act of violence. Serabi was about to begin fourth grade in the upcoming academic year..