“Three Men Killed in Cypress Crash: Christopher Scandridge, Jacob Wnuk, and Fraser Anderson”

By | August 7, 2023



Three men have died in a crash between a golf cart and an SUV in Cypress, Texas. The incident occurred at an intersection with low visibility due to ongoing construction. The driver of the SUV allegedly ran a stop sign and struck the golf cart. The impact of the crash resulted in the total destruction of the golf cart. The driver of the SUV has been charged with three counts of felony murder and was found to be driving while intoxicated. Golf carts are only permitted to be operated during the daytime in the neighborhood where the incident occurred. accident-greenhouse-road-and-towne-lake-wreck-town/13607272/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>ABC13 Houston reported

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Sunday, August 6, 2023 10:52PM

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) — An overnight collision involving a golf cart and an SUV has resulted in the tragic deaths of three men, as confirmed by authorities. The incident took place at the intersection of Greenhouse and Towne Lake in Cypress, where ongoing construction has contributed to reduced visibility during nighttime.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office was notified about the accident around 3 a.m. It was reported that Christopher Scandridge, 41, Jacob Wnuk, 37, and Fraser Anderson, 37, were traveling northbound at the time of the collision.

According to law enforcement, the victims were making a left turn when the driver of a 2021 black Cadillac Escalade allegedly ran a stop sign at the intersection of Towne Lake Parkway, resulting in a collision with the right side of the golf cart.

Two individuals lost their lives at the scene, while the third occupant of the golf cart, who was critically injured, succumbed to their injuries on Sunday afternoon, as confirmed by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The collision caused severe damage to the golf cart, rendering it completely inoperable.

Major Susan Cotter expressed, “It is an extremely tragic situation. Driving a golf cart at three o’clock in the morning poses visibility challenges. When comparing the weights of the vehicles involved, the tremendous weight of a Cadillac SUV compared to a golf cart creates a significant weight disparity upon impact.”

Authorities have revealed that the driver of the Escalade, identified as Daniel Rivera, was taken to the hospital in stable condition. His two other passengers, a woman and a child, escaped unharmed.

An update disclosed that Rivera has been charged with three counts of felony murder, as per the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, as it was determined that he was allegedly driving while intoxicated.

Texas state law permits the operation of golf carts on roads within master-planned communities that adhere to a set of restrictive covenants and possess an approved plat from a county or municipality. Cotter clarified that the neighborhood in question meets these criteria; however, golf carts are only allowed to be used during daylight hours.

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