“Israeli Patrol Officer Chen Amir Killed in Tel Aviv Shooting Attack”

By | August 6, 2023



A Tel Aviv municipal patrol officer was killed in a shooting attack carried out by a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). The attack occurred in a busy area of Tel Aviv, where many restaurants and bars are located. The officer was shot in the head and later pronounced dead at the hospital. The attacker was also killed in the incident. The PIJ praised the attack as a response to the “crimes of the occupation.” This shooting is part of a series of attacks in Israel and the West Bank that have resulted in numerous casualties. shooting-attack-video/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>South Front reported

Israeli Patrol Officer Fatally Shot in Recent Tel Aviv Attack (Video)

Screengrab, video via Twitter.

An officer from the Tel Aviv municipal patrol lost his life on August 5 in an attack perpetrated by a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

The incident occurred at the junction of Montefiore and Nachalat Binyamin streets in Tel Aviv, an area teeming with numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars.

When the two municipal patrol officers approached the assailant, who was positioned at the corner, he initially ignored their calls. As the officers dismounted their motorcycles, the Palestinian individual drew a handgun and opened fire, striking one of the patrolmen.


The critically injured officer, identified as Chen Amir, aged 42, sustained a gunshot wound to the head. He was swiftly transported to the nearby Ichilov Hospital, where medical professionals tragically pronounced him dead.

The second officer retaliated by shooting the attacker, who was also conveyed to Ichilov Hospital, where he was later declared deceased.

The Shin Bet security agency identified the Palestinian gunman as Kamel Abu Bakr, a 22-year-old PIJ member and resident of Rummanah village in the West Bank. According to Shin Bet, Abu Bakr had been hiding in the Jenin refugee camp for the past six months. He was wanted by Israeli security forces due to his previous act of firing at Israeli troops in the occupied region.

During the incident, the attacker was found to possess a “martyrdom” letter, leading the Israeli police commissioner at the scene to state that “he came to be a martyr.”

The PIJ commended the Tel Aviv attack, labeling it a “natural and legitimate response to the crimes of the occupation” in an official statement.

The fatal shooting in Tel Aviv represents the latest in a series of assaults by Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank, resulting in the deaths of 26 individuals and severe injuries to several others since the beginning of this year. Concurrently, Israeli troops have killed 164 West Bank Palestinians in raids and security operations during the same period.