The Strokes Give Shoutout to Malaysian Fans at Singapore Concert

By | August 5, 2023



The Strokes gave a shoutout to their Malaysian fans during their concert in Singapore, expressing their disappointment at not being able to perform in Malaysia. The band performed 16 hits and announced that Malaysian fans would receive free shipping on their printed posters. Despite initial discussions to bring them back, scheduling issues prevented The Strokes from performing at the cancelled Good Vibes Festival. Their last performance in Malaysia was in 2011. William KC Kee reported

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 — Local enthusiasts of The Strokes were left disheartened when the renowned American band was unable to perform in Malaysia due to the cancellation of the Good Vibes Festival (GVF) 2023. However, a fortunate few who managed to attend The Strokes’ concert in Singapore on August 3 were elated when lead singer Julian Casablancas acknowledged their presence. Prior to their final song, Casablancas warmly greeted and expressed gratitude to their Malaysian fans for attending the concert. Inquiring if anyone had made the journey from Kuala Lumpur, he received a resounding cheer from the Malaysian audience. Casablancas added, “That’s incredible, but thank you for coming! We will make an effort to come up there sometime.” This special moment was captured in a brief video by TikTok user @cowbear22.

Following the cancellation of GVF, The Strokes held a successful concert in Singapore on the second day, after announcing an additional date to accommodate Malaysian fans who had missed them at the festival. The band treated the audience to an impressive performance of 16 of their well-known hits, including “Last Nite” and “Reptilia”, as reported by Furthermore, The Strokes announced on Instagram that Malaysian fans would enjoy free shipping when purchasing their printed posters.

In light of the GVF cancellation, Casablancas had previously hinted on social media on July 23 that they were working on an alternative arrangement, suggesting a potential impromptu concert in Kuala Lumpur. However, Wan Alman, the Director of Entertainment at Future Sound Asia, stated during a press conference that the band would not be able to make it due to prior commitments with other scheduled concerts. Alman explained, “Although there were initial discussions with The Strokes to bring them back, unfortunately, due to scheduling issues, we were unable to make that happen.”

The Strokes were initially scheduled to headline the third day of GVF, marking their first performance in Malaysia since 2011..