“Man Killed After Shooting 2 Orlando Officers; Suspect Identified as Daton Viel”

By | August 5, 2023



A 28-year-old Miami homicide suspect was killed by Orlando police after he shot two officers who pulled him over downtown. The suspect barricaded himself inside a hotel before shooting at SWAT officers, who returned fire and killed him. The officers are expected to recover from their injuries. shooting-that-injured-2-officers” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>FOX 35 Orlando reported

Orlando Police officials provided an update on a shooting incident that occurred in downtown Orlando. The incident involved a 28-year-old suspect from Miami who was wanted for a homicide case. The suspect opened fire on two Orlando Police Officers who had pulled him over. Following the initial encounter, the suspect fled to the Holiday Inn located at Caravan Court near Universal, where he barricaded himself. The situation escalated when the suspect started shooting at SWAT officers who had arrived at the scene. In response, law enforcement officers returned fire, resulting in the suspect’s death.

On Saturday, the Orlando Police Department held a press conference to provide the latest information on the incident. The authorities revealed that the suspect had been located at the Holiday Inn at 6 a.m. Consequently, the hotel was evacuated as a precautionary measure. The suspect, identified as 28-year-old Daton Viel, refused to surrender and barricaded himself in his room. He fired multiple shots at the SWAT officers around 6:58 a.m. In response to the imminent threat, the officers engaged the suspect, ultimately causing his demise.

Authorities further disclosed that Daton Viel had an extensive criminal history, making him a person of interest in the investigation. However, it was determined that the second suspect, initially believed to be involved in the downtown shooting, was not connected to the incident.

Fortunately, both officers who were shot during the encounter survived their injuries. Medical professionals have confirmed that they are expected to recover from the gunshot wounds sustained during the incident.

The incident began when the two Orlando police officers attempted to conduct a routine traffic stop on Viel in downtown Orlando. Police Chief Smith explained that the officers initiated the stop as part of an ongoing homicide investigation from Miami. However, when they approached the suspect’s vehicle, they were met with gunfire. The suspects, believed to be two individuals, then proceeded to carjack another driver and led law enforcement on a pursuit.


In the early hours of Saturday morning, SWAT officers arrived at the Holiday Inn on Caravan Court, where Viel had sought refuge. Despite attempts to peacefully resolve the situation, the suspect barricaded himself in his room and began shooting at the officers. Consequently, the SWAT team was forced to retaliate, resulting in the suspect’s demise..