“Cancun Shooting: Woman Kills Two in Daylight Attack, Victims Identified”

By | August 5, 2023



A woman is believed to have shot and killed two people in Cancun, according to eyewitnesses. The victims were shot by a woman on a motorcycle in the Avante de Cancún neighborhood. Earlier in the day, a similar attack occurred in a different area, where two construction workers were shot and critically injured. Police are currently conducting a search operation for the suspects. Riviera Maya News reported

A photograph depicting a shooting incident in Cancun has emerged, revealing the tragic deaths of two individuals. According to initial findings from the Municipal Public Security, witnesses have asserted that a woman was responsible for pulling the trigger. The victims, identified as a man and a woman, fell victim to the gunfire while situated in the Avante de Cancún neighborhood during broad daylight.

In a separate incident that occurred earlier, a comparable attack took place in another area of Cancun. Witnesses reported that a woman, also riding on the back of a motorcycle, carried out the shooting. The victims in this case were two construction workers who were subsequently transported to the Cancun General Hospital, where they remain in critical condition.

Law enforcement authorities have initiated a search operation to apprehend the individuals believed to be responsible for these acts of violence. However, as of now, no arrests have been made..