“Arrien Porterfield, 27, Victim of Fatal Shooting in Bluewell – Witnesses Urged to Share Information”

By | August 5, 2023



A fatal shooting in Bluewell is currently under investigation, and the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department is urging potential witnesses to come forward and provide information. Deputies responded to a complaint about a possible shooting at Lynn’s Drive-Inn, where they discovered the body of Arrien Porterfield. Detectives are reviewing surveillance footage and questioning witnesses. news.knowledia.com reported

August 5th—BLUEWELL — An ongoing investigation is being conducted into a tragic shooting incident as detectives from the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department urge any potential witnesses to step forward and provide their valuable information.

Deputies were dispatched to the vicinity of Lynn’s Drive-Inn in Bluewell around 3 a.m. on July 31st, following a report of a potential shooting. At the scene, a deceased male identified as Arrien Porterfield, aged 27 and from Princeton, was discovered.

Detective-Lieutenant S.A. Sommers stated that video surveillance footage is presently being scrutinized, and witnesses are being interviewed in relation to the incident.

Chief Deputy A.P. Christian provided an update on Friday, mentioning…

Greg Jordan, Bluefield Daily Telegraph, W.Va.

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