“Accidental Shooting in Sand Canyon Leaves Teenage Victim Injured: Investigation Unveils Startling Details”

By | August 5, 2023



Court records obtained by The Signal reveal the details of an accidental shooting in Sand Canyon. Two teens rushed to the hospital after the incident, prompting an investigation by Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies. The victim initially claimed he was shot by someone in a dark sedan, while the driver said the shots were fired after an encounter at In-N-Out. However, further investigation revealed that the pair had been shooting a handgun in the Angeles National Forest, resulting in the victim’s injury. The driver was subsequently arrested on suspicion of negligent discharge of a firearm. shootingaccident-between-teens-leads-to-surgery-arrest/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Santa Clarita Valley Signal reported

According to court records obtained by The Signal, there was an accidental shooting in Sand Canyon on July 16, which led two teenagers to rush to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital for immediate medical attention. The incident was initially reported to the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies, who promptly responded to the 28300 block of Sand Canyon Road in Canyon Country. Their investigation focused on the negligent discharge of a firearm, as stated in a sworn statement provided by a sheriff’s detective.

Upon arriving at the scene, the deputies discovered that the victim had already been transported to the hospital. The 14-year-old driver, who called 911 while driving his injured friend to the hospital, was instructed to pull over. The L.A. County Fire Department then intercepted the car at Soledad Canyon Road and Commuter Way in Saugus, where they swiftly transferred the teenage gunshot victim to Henry Mayo Hospital.

Once the victim had undergone surgery, the deputies separately interviewed both the victim and the driver, who became the main subject of their investigation, according to the court statements. The accounts given by the two individuals varied significantly, prompting the investigators to conduct further inquiries.

Summarizing the court records, the victim initially claimed that he was riding his bicycle near his friend’s house when a dark sedan approached him and fired three shots, one of which struck his leg. He sought assistance from his friend, requesting a ride to the hospital. During their journey, they contacted emergency services and were subsequently instructed to pull over.

Conversely, the driver provided a different narrative. He stated that both of them were dining at an In-N-Out in his car when the victim went to dispose of his trash, and a dark sedan suddenly pulled up and fired three shots.

After confronting the two individuals about the inconsistencies in their stories, the detectives ultimately discovered that they had just returned home to the subject’s house after shooting a handgun in the Angeles National Forest. The 14-year-old had removed the magazine from the firearm and pulled back the slide while inside the car, as detailed in the court documents. It is believed that the subject accidentally discharged the firearm when releasing the slide with his finger on the trigger, resulting in the victim being struck.

According to the court documents, the subject disposed of the handgun, and the victim then asked his friend to drive him to the hospital. As the pain became unbearable, he requested his friend to call 911, leading to their encounter with first responders in Saugus.

Following the deputies’ response to the hospital, they obtained a “safety statement” from the subject, which revealed the location where he had discarded the handgun. This information enabled the deputies to recover a green Polymer 80 9mm handgun with a gold slide, which they believe was used in the shooting, based on the subject’s description and video evidence.

Additionally, the deputies acquired footage depicting the subject firing the recovered gun out of the car window before the shooting occurred.

Ultimately, the 14-year-old driver was arrested and booked at the SCV Sheriff’s Station jail. He was subsequently transferred to Sylmar Juvenile Hall on suspicion of 246.3(a), which refers to the negligent discharge of a firearm..