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By | August 4, 2023



3 Tips for Speeding Up in the Twisties

3 Ways To Go Faster In The Twisties

When it comes to riding motorcycles, there is no greater joy than conquering the twisties. The feeling of leaning into a corner and powering out of it is an adrenaline rush like no other. However, going faster in the twisties requires skill, practice, and the right approach. In this article, we will explore three ways to improve your speed and confidence in the twisties.

  1. Master Body Positioning

One of the most crucial aspects of going faster in the twisties is mastering your body positioning. By positioning your body correctly, you can maximize your control and stability on the bike. Here are a few key tips to improve your body positioning:

a) Look ahead: Keep your eyes focused on where you want to go, not on the road directly in front of you. This will help you anticipate the upcoming corners and make smoother, faster transitions.

b) Lean with the bike: As you approach a corner, shift your body weight towards the inside of the turn. This will help you maintain balance and improve your bike’s stability. Remember to keep your upper body relaxed and your arms slightly bent.

c) Use your legs: Engage your legs by gripping the tank firmly with your knees. This will provide additional stability and allow you to control the bike more effectively.


By mastering these body positioning techniques, you will be able to navigate the twisties with greater precision and confidence.

  1. Brake Smoothly and Effectively

Braking is a critical aspect of riding in the twisties. To go faster, you need to brake smoothly and effectively, allowing you to carry more speed through the corners. Here are a few tips to improve your braking technique:

a) Progressive braking: Instead of grabbing the brakes all at once, apply the brakes gradually and progressively. This will help you maintain control and prevent the bike from skidding.

b) Use both brakes: Utilize both the front and rear brakes for maximum stopping power. However, remember to apply more pressure on the front brake as it provides the majority of the stopping force.

c) Trail braking: As you approach a corner, continue to apply light pressure on the brakes while smoothly transitioning into the turn. This technique helps to stabilize the bike and maintain control throughout the corner.

By mastering the art of smooth and effective braking, you will be able to enter corners with more speed and exit them with confidence.

  1. Choose the Right Line

Selecting the correct line through a corner is crucial for maintaining speed and control. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right line:

a) Late apex: In most cases, opting for a late apex line is beneficial. This means entering the corner from the outside and gradually moving towards the inside, hitting the apex later than usual. This allows you to carry more speed through the corner and have a better exit.

b) Look for reference points: Identify reference points such as curbs, trees, or road markings to guide your line choice. These points will help you determine the correct trajectory and position for each corner.

c) Experiment and adapt: Every corner is different, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different lines. Pay attention to how your bike responds and adjust your line accordingly. Practice and experience will help you find the optimal line for each corner.

By choosing the right line, you will be able to maintain a faster pace through the twisties while keeping control and stability.

In conclusion, going faster in the twisties requires a combination of skill, practice, and the right approach. Mastering body positioning, improving your braking technique, and choosing the right line are fundamental to achieving greater speed and confidence. Remember to always prioritize safety and gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable. So gear up, practice these techniques, and enjoy the exhilarating experience of conquering the twisties.

3 Ways To Go FASTER In The Twisties


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