“Cincinnati Bengals RB Joe Mixon Named in Civil Lawsuit Over Shooting”

Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon is facing a civil lawsuit over a shooting incident that occurred outside his home in March. Mixon is accused of providing the assault rifle and bullets to Lamonte Brewer, who allegedly shot a teenager near Mixon’s home. The lawsuit claims that Mixon knew the harm Brewer could do with the weapon. Mixon has not been charged in the shooting. The lawsuit seeks damages for negligence and emotional distress. WLWT reported

Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon is currently facing a civil lawsuit in relation to a shooting incident that occurred outside his residence in March. The lawsuit, filed in Hamilton County, accuses Mixon of providing Lamonte Brewer, the alleged shooter, with an assault rifle and ammunition, fully aware of the potential harm that Brewer could cause. Both Brewer and Shalonda Mixon, Joe Mixon’s sister, have been indicted in connection with the incident. It is important to note that Joe Mixon has not been charged with the shooting itself. The incident occurred when Hamilton County deputies responded to reports of shots fired at Mixon’s home during an evening when teenagers were playing a game called “Nerf wars.” According to witnesses, the teenager who was injured heard multiple shots and sought shelter behind a tree, miraculously surviving the incident. The lawsuit, brought by the legal guardians of the injured teenager, accuses Mixon of negligence and emotional distress, citing his knowledge of Brewer’s criminal history and violent tendencies. Deputies who arrived at the scene stopped a car leaving the area and discovered a firearm in the trunk, later determined to be the weapon used in the shooting. Video footage also shows Shalonda Mixon collecting shell casings from the yard before fleeing the scene with Brewer. Although Joe Mixon was seen carrying a firearm during the incident, he did not discharge any shots. Mixon’s legal representative argues that as a lawful gun owner, he had the right to possess the firearm and did not commit a crime. Mixon claims that he had been receiving death threats and was genuinely concerned for his safety, as his sister informed him of the presence of individuals with firearms outside their home. The lawsuit alleges that Mixon has failed to take responsibility for the harm caused and does not specify the amount being sought, except for punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, and expenses..