“Attempted Murder: Inmate Arrested for Stabbing Fellow Inmate at Lake County Jail”

By | August 4, 2023



An inmate at the Lake County jail in Tavares, Florida, has been arrested for attempting to murder another inmate. Dustin T. Perdue, who is awaiting trial for a separate murder case, stabbed Austin Hill multiple times before Hill managed to hit the panic button for help. Hill identified Perdue as his attacker. The motive for the attack is believed to be Hill’s recent arrest, which attracted news coverage. Perdue has a history of criminal activity, including armed robberies and another murder case. Daily Commercial reported

Dustin T. Perdue, a 28-year-old resident of Tavares, has been arrested by Lake County Sheriff’s investigators for the stabbing of his fellow inmate, Austin Hill, at the Lake County jail. The incident took place on Sunday evening at the Tavares detention center. Both Perdue and Hill are awaiting trial for separate murder cases. The jail’s surveillance cameras clearly captured the attack, and Hill identified Perdue as his assailant. According to Hill, the motive behind the attack was his recent arrest, as the victim of that incident was well-respected and had many friends. The victim Hill referred to was Wseni M. Laguerre, who was fatally shot outside his home in January. Hill had attracted media attention due to his arrest, which resulted in his relocation to his current cell area. Hill believed that Perdue was attempting to kill him and feared for his life.

The shooting of Laguerre had angered Eustis Police Chief Craig Capri, who described Hill as a menace and a danger to society. Perdue’s arrest and probable cause affidavits have been sealed by a judge due to the ongoing investigation, as sensitive information could potentially jeopardize the case. Perdue has a lengthy criminal history, including arrests for armed robberies at convenience stores last year. In February, he was arrested along with another individual for a murder and assault at Caroline Apartments in Tavares in April 2022.

Video surveillance footage from the jail revealed the details of the attack. Detective Cameron, who reviewed the footage, observed Hill conversing with another inmate on a bench in the dayroom. Perdue, later identified as the assailant, approached Hill from behind and stabbed him multiple times in the upper back, neck, and temple. Perdue then returned to his cell, with Hill following him to confront him. Realizing he was bleeding, Hill descended the stairs to press the call button for assistance. Perdue subsequently punched and stabbed Hill in the face. When the detention deputies opened the door, Hill collapsed into the hallway. Investigators discovered a sharp, flat piece of metal, approximately the size of a pinkie finger, believed to have been used in the attack.

Additional evidence collected included a recorded phone call made by Perdue to a woman shortly before the incident. In the conversation, Perdue mentioned his anticipation of being placed in special confinement for 30 days, followed by another type of confinement for around eight months. Hill received medical treatment for his injuries at the jail.

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