“Attempted Murder: Fort Bragg Man Arrested for Shooting at Victim, Cocaine Found”

A Fort Bragg man, Vladimir Ginzburg, was arrested for attempted murder after allegedly shooting at a 66-year-old man in Mendocino County. Deputies responded to the scene and found the victim taking cover behind a pickup truck. Ginzburg fled but was apprehended, and a search of his vehicle revealed cocaine. He was arrested for attempted murder and possession of cocaine for sale. The Ukiah Daily Journal reported

A resident of Fort Bragg has been taken into custody by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office on charges of attempted murder. The incident occurred when a 66-year-old man reported being shot at by the suspect, identified as Vladimir Ginzburg, aged 35. The victim informed the authorities that Ginzburg fired multiple rounds at him, damaging his residence. Upon arriving at the scene, deputies discovered the victim taking cover behind a pickup truck in his driveway, armed with a rifle for self-defense.

Subsequently, Ginzburg fled from his last known location, a nearby residence, into a wooded area. Deputies pursued him and successfully apprehended him after a quick surrender. During the investigation, law enforcement discovered approximately one third of a pound of cocaine in a vehicle associated with Ginzburg. Further evidence related to the attempted murder was found on the property where Ginzburg was located, after obtaining a search warrant.

As a result, Ginzburg has been arrested on charges of attempted murder and possession of cocaine with intent to sell. He has been placed in Mendocino County Jail, with bail set at £250,000..