“Indian Student Dies in Sydney Bike Collision: 12th Food Delivery Rider Fatality”

By | August 3, 2023



Akshay Doultani, a 22-year-old Indian student from Mumbai, died in a bike collision with an SUV in Sydney. He had come to Sydney on a scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree in finance. Akshay was the 12th food delivery rider to be killed on the job since 2017. His tragic death highlights the dangers of the gig economy and calls for transport reforms to ensure basic employment rights and compensation for gig workers. Uber Eats, where Akshay worked, stated that they are committed to the safety of delivery workers and have policies in place to enhance road safety. IANS reported

A 22-year-old Indian student from Mumbai, who had come to Sydney on a scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree in finance at Macquarie University, tragically lost his life in a collision between his bike and an SUV. The incident occurred at the intersection of Blaxland Road and Epping Road in Epping, where he was making a food delivery on his scooter. This unfortunate event marks the 12th fatality of a food delivery rider while on duty since 2017.

The victim, identified as Akshay Doultani, had aspirations of providing a better future for his family and had taken up the job of a food delivery rider at least three times a week to support his studies. His cousin expressed the grief of the family, stating that it is extremely difficult for them to come to terms with the loss of their only son.

The fatal crash is currently under investigation by the New South Wales (NSW) Police and Safework NSW. The incident has brought attention to the risks faced by workers in the gig economy, where individuals often have to push themselves to the limit to make ends meet. Labor senator Tony Sheldon emphasized the need for transport reform to ensure that gig workers, who make up a significant portion of the industry with an estimated 250,000 workers, receive proper employment rights and fair compensation.

Uber Eats, the platform through which Akshay was working, expressed its commitment to the safety of its delivery workers and highlighted the existence of policies aimed at enhancing road safety. They also mentioned that their delivery people in Australia are covered by a support package tailored to their needs.

This tragic incident serves as a reminder of the dangers faced by gig economy workers and calls for measures to safeguard their well-being and ensure they receive the necessary support and protection..