“Tragic Water Contamination in Chitradurga: One Dead, Fifty Ill, Investigation Underway”

By | August 2, 2023



In Chitradurga city, one woman died and over fifty residents fell ill after ingesting polluted water. The woman, identified as 23-year-old Manjula, failed to respond to treatment at the district hospital. Thirty-six others have been admitted to hospitals, including an 18-year-old and a four-year-old. The cause of the illness was traced back to the water supply and alleged negligence of the municipal corporation. An investigation is underway, and samples are being analyzed in the laboratory. A temporary clinic has been set up to provide medical assistance, and alternate water arrangements have been made to prevent further contamination. Ravi Verma reported

Contaminated Water in Chitradurga City Leaves One dead and Dozens Ill

In the heart of Chitradurga city, a distressing event recently unfolded, resulting in the death of a woman and leaving more than fifty residents debilitated with illness. Local officials have confirmed that polluted water is the cause of this unfortunate health crisis, which occurred yesterday evening.

The woman who tragically succumbed to illness has been identified as 23-year-old Manjula from Kavadigaratti. Despite being rushed to Chitradurga district hospital, Manjula did not respond to treatment. Shortly after 10pm, fifty-one additional individuals fell ill, experiencing symptoms such as forceful vomiting and severe diarrhea.

Out of those affected, thirty-six have been admitted to the district hospital and Basaveshwara medical college hospital for further care. Another fifteen residents have received treatment in the outpatient department. The conditions of 18-year-old Srishti and a four-year-old infant are particularly precarious, leading to their transfer to a private hospital for advanced medical attention. Among the sick group, eight children are included, with six in critical condition, while four patients are being cared for at Chitradurga’s Basaveshwara Hospital. The contamination of the water supply has been traced back to alleged negligence by the Chitradurga municipal corporation in cleaning the overhead tank regularly.

Authorities Respond to the Crisis

Deputy Commissioner Divya Prabhu and SP Parushurama took charge of the incident today, visiting the district hospital and the location of the incident in Kavadigaratti. Their inspection included the overhead tank and RO plant. However, their delayed response did not appease the residents, who expressed their discontent and demanded an investigation to determine the true cause of the shared ailment, gastroenteritis.

District health officer Dr R Ranganath acknowledged the magnitude of the victims, which tragically included a fatality. A swift response was triggered, leading to the deployment of a health team to the site. To gain a better understanding of the situation, the team collected water, urine, and stool samples from those infected. Laboratory analysis is currently pending on these samples. The autopsy findings of the deceased woman are expected today, shedding light on the exact cause of her untimely death.


Efforts to Assist Affected Residents

To address the needs of those affected, a temporary clinic has been set up at the Kavadigaratti government primary school. The clinic is staffed by three doctors and four staff nurses who will provide the necessary medical assistance. Additionally, two ambulances are strategically located in the area to facilitate any required patient transfers.

Municipal corporation commissioner M Srinivas revealed that nearly 2,000 people rely on the now-controversial overhead tank for their water supply. However, cases of gastroenteritis have only been reported by residents of two streets. To prevent further contamination, the supply from the tank has been halted, and alternative arrangements have been made to supply water through tankers. The tank has been cleaned amidst new criticisms, and all necessary measures are in place to ensure the future health and safety of the residents.