“Tragic Deaths at Haunted Lake: Two Men Electrocuted, One Presumed Drowned”

By | August 2, 2023



In a series of bizarre events, two men have died and a third is presumed dead after swimming in a “haunted lake” in Georgia. The first death occurred when a man was electrocuted after jumping into Lake Lanier and a neighbor who tried to help him also received an electric shock. The second death happened when a man slipped under the surface while swimming near Van Pugh Park, and the third death was a drowning incident in Lake Lanier. These incidents add to the over 200 fatalities that have occurred in the lake since 1994. Lake Lanier has a haunted reputation due to its history and strange incidents that have occurred, including a rabid beaver attack. Megan Plete Postol reported

Two Men dead, One Presumed dead After Swimming in Haunted Lake

In a series of bizarre and seemingly unrelated events, tragedy struck at Lake Lanier in Georgia, as two men lost their lives and a third is still missing after swimming in what locals refer to as a “haunted lake.”

The first incident occurred on July 27, when a 24-year-old man named Thomas Milner was electrocuted while jumping from a dock into Lake Lanier. Despite his cries for help, Milner’s life was tragically cut short. A family friend attempted to rescue him using a ladder, but their efforts were in vain. Nearby neighbors quickly responded by grabbing a boat and rushing to Milner’s aid. However, one of the neighbors also experienced an electric shock upon entering the water. Realizing the danger, they turned off the power box near the dock before successfully retrieving Milner’s lifeless body.

This shocking death was attributed to electric shock drowning, a tragic phenomenon that occurs when electrical currents leak into the surrounding waters, incapacitating swimmers. The Electric Shock Drowning Prevention Association emphasizes the importance of awareness and caution to prevent such incidents.

In a separate incident on July 29, a 27-year-old man vanished beneath the surface while swimming near Van Pugh Park on Lake Lanier. Despite ongoing search efforts, the authorities have yet to locate his body. On the same day, a 61-year-old man named Tracey Stewart drowned in Lake Lanier near East Bank Park in Hall County. Stewart was swimming from a boat when he went under, and his body was discovered submerged in 46 feet of water.

These recent tragedies add to a grim list, with over 200 fatalities reported on Lake Lanier since 1994.

The Haunted History of Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier has long been associated with supernatural occurrences and mysterious events. Originally a man-made reservoir created in the 1950s, the land beneath it holds a troubled past. Oscarville, a predominantly Black town, was destroyed to make way for the lake, becoming the site of violent lynch mobs in 1912. The creation of Lake Lanier displaced over 1,000 people, mostly African American families, along with numerous local businesses and even cemeteries.

The lake has seen its fair share of strange incidents. In a recent incident earlier this year, a young girl swimming in the water was attacked by a rabid beaver. Such occurrences have fueled concerns among locals, leading to a petition calling for the draining of Lake Lanier. Tameka Foster, ex-wife of pop singer Usher, has shown her support for the petition, as her son tragically lost his life in a jet ski accident on the lake in 2012.

While the mysteries surrounding Lake Lanier continue to unfold, the recent deaths serve as a stark reminder of the dangers that lie beneath its haunted waters.

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