“24-year-old man charged with animal cruelty after abandoning dogs, one found dead in Winter Springs”

By | August 2, 2023



A 24-year-old man in Winter Springs, Florida has been charged with animal cruelty after abandoning three dogs, one of which died. Police responded to the home and discovered the dogs in deplorable conditions, with piles of feces, urine, and rotting food. The dogs were emaciated and one had starved to death. The man, identified as Michael Quaid Carpenter, claimed he had called animal services prior to leaving the home, but evidence suggested otherwise. Carpenter is facing multiple charges and is currently held on $10,500 bond. Jacob Langston reported

A 24-year-old man in Winter Springs, Florida is facing animal cruelty charges after abandoning three dogs, one of which died, at a home, according to police. On June 29, officers responded to the home on Benchwood Court to assist Seminole County Animal Services in removing the dogs. Upon approaching the home, officers were immediately overwhelmed by the smell of decomposition coming from the open garage door. Animal control notices and utility disconnect notices were taped to the front door, indicating the neglect of the property. Inside the garage, there were empty bags of dog food and personal belongings. The home itself was in disarray, with piles of dog feces and dried urine in every room. Flies, cockroaches, gnats, and beetles were present, and the smell of rotting flesh, feces, urine, and food permeated the air. Two living dogs and one dead dog were found in the last room officers checked. The living dogs were emaciated, with visible ribs and prominent hip bones and spines. The dead dog was covered in maggots, suggesting decomposition had been occurring for some time. The man, Michael Quaid Carpenter, claimed to have called animal services prior to being evicted from the home, but evidence and witness statements indicated that he was responsible for the dogs. Carpenter was arrested and faces charges of animal abandonment, animal torture, and confining animals without food and water..